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  1. Krell

    (Combat): You were killed by (player name)

    I usually have DW but had just taken a raise. Regardless, I think any effect that can kill other players outside of PvP should be fixed.
  2. Krell

    (Combat): You were killed by (player name)

    A party member (Sorcerer) killed me in r10 To Curse the Sky. I did a couple searches on finishing blow but didn't see anything. I omitted the player's actual name. The player advised me to keep death ward up to avoid it. Combat log: (Combat): You are affected by (player name)'s finishing blow...
  3. Krell

    Stealth changes to quests

    I agree, but I think a bigger win would be to remove quest chain flagging. It’s harder to get Sharn 1-2 groups together. I frequently see people join them drop slave lords due to flagging. I’m not opposed to story lines but don’t make them mandatory. Most people are just repeating them after...
  4. Krell

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    Yeah but what recovery SLA did they pay for multi-million profit margins? I doubt it. It doesn’t matter what your gross income is. Can they afford high availability infrastructure? We don’t know. Clearly they don’t have it now. This isn’t the first multi-day outage. They seem willing to accept...
  5. Krell

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    I’ve seen data centers go down for various reasons. Fire, flooding, cooling goes down, cut cables. In some cases servers are powered off to protect the hardware. SSG is dependent on the data center hosting company to resolve the issue before they can bring them back up. I don’t think SSG has the...
  6. Krell

    Where should we go after Myth Drannor?

    Underdark expansion.
  7. Krell

    changes to tumble BAD!

    The only time I saw anyone tumble was moving between mob groups at high speed. I still see it used the same way, a couple tumbles towards the next group then run. I haven’t seen any tumbling in combat. Mobs just don’t last that long even in high reaper. Maybe just up run speed some and stop...
  8. Krell

    That was a rippoff

    I think a heroic Otto should take you to 20 regardless of how many past lives you have. Improved Epic Otto should take you from 20 to the current level cap. Regular Epic Otto should be retired. Then they won’t age and get reactions like the initial post.
  9. Krell

    1 server

    Half the population is on hardcore when it opens. That tells me the game could handle two game worlds. We’ve had mergers before. Just need to solve for some new things added since then, ships, shards, mounts, pets, and tr cache.
  10. Krell

    Sales: March 7th - 14th

  11. Krell

    Lamannia Update 66 Preview 2 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Weird is now a SLA instead of a Spellbook Spell, with the same cost and cooldown as it had before In reality people that can effectively use this today are going to have spell cooldown reductions. This change will likely increase the cooldown from around 36-45 seconds up to 60 seconds. Can we...
  12. Krell

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    I disagree. I think the spell is good enough that it should require a commitment, like committing to a tier 5 in a destiny. But the cooldown should be addressed.
  13. Krell

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Good point. I’d rather leave it as a spell and lose a spell slot, or reduce the cooldown as suggested above to 45 seconds, or allow cooldown reductions on SLAs.
  14. Krell

    Nice Customer Service

    My daughter put her Legendary Shining Reliquary Long Bow into the Unholy Defiler of the Hidden Hand crafting station in order to upgrade it. The description didn't say anything about destroying the old item or creating a new item but that's what happened. She opened a ticket and within a day...
  15. Krell

    What is the plan for players with more than 156 reaper points?

    I'd take cosmetics. They started at every 25 points so just keep that going. 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, etc. Just let us keep them on TR.
  16. Krell

    Vecna Denied bug

    I’ve seen similar reports on other forums. Maybe pulling some but not all bugs it.
  17. Krell

    Vecna Denied bug

    Open the door for the end fight before you finish pulling all four levers and the quests bugs out and wont finish. In our case we missed 1 (pulled 3). Ticket submitted.
  18. Krell

    U61 Patch 1 Preview 2

    What Dreams May Come: If you are dead on the dream side after the boss gnome dies, there is no way back to the end chest. You can cake or jibber but are unable to cast dimension door. Maybe have soulstones teleport with the rest of the party.
  19. Krell

    Why no XP scaling based on DA duration? Bonuses for no or low DAs? More XP? Relaxed over level?

    I agree the ability for one player to substantially impact the party reward is a concern. The reality is the proposed system has the same problem. Say the party is working on conquest and someone finishes the quest early. It’s going to cost the party a lot more than the death penalty. Same...
  20. Krell

    Why no XP scaling based on DA duration? Bonuses for no or low DAs? More XP? Relaxed over level?

    In reality I don’t care what they do with dungeon xp as long as my past life or reaper point farming doesn’t take longer. The grind is real and I’d like to have some finished alts this decade. If HC is a concern because the carrot is one time rewards, change the system there only. If anything...