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    Increased number of game crashes lately.

    So DDO just crashed for me. I had been playing for about 2 hours and 15 minutes when it suddenly quit to desktop. No error messages or odd in-game behaviour, just one second I'm in the game, next I'm on the desktop. The same thing happened several times yesterday as well, I was able to play for...
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    Bug with handling this month reward

    Same for me. I've purchased all expansions from the DDO store using points. I get a list that lets me choose between MotU, Shadowfell, and Sharn.
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    Thought Exercise: Player Kills

    You used to be able to take explosive charges from Undermine/Blown to Bits out of their quests. Pale Masters in undead form were affected by other player's Turn Undead, even in public areas. Neither of those apply to your situation, but they're fun to remember.
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    Since update mouse sensitivity changes

    I've noticed this as well. When I'm not in mouselook the cursor moves as it should. When I enter mouselook it gets really slow. I do tend to alt-tab at times since I often listen to things on youtube while playing. But it's also possible that it's related to going through loading...
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    Walk the Butcher's Path - Warlock Cyressy

    You have two chances to spawn Muck though, once for each valve that opens the rear section. Or at least you used to back in the day. I made a habit or turning one valve, running to check for Muck, and then turning the other and checking again. Eventually he spawned after the 2nd one.
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    Greater Restorative Draught does not remove negative levels?

    It's even worse when trying to hit NPCs. I think I needed to try 8 times from various angles and while jumping before I could hit Stella in Mad Tea Party.
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    Store Sales: November 30th - December 7th

    Awww... I'd hoped to combine them. Well, at least I got an answer before I even asked.
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    Downtime Notice: Wednesday, November 22nd 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT)

    Wow, this is WAY ahead of schedule.
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    Next expansion race idea.

    Kobolds are lizardlike!
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    I would love to see a Sky Dragon in DDO

    Technically we have at least one already, Kear in the marketplace is a gold dragon, just not in dragon form.
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    Store Sales: November 16th - 23rd

    Some feedback: I believe this sale is quite badly timed. Reason: Last week was bonus crafting XP week. People who just wanted to level their crafting skill are likely to have finished doing so and won't need any boosters or essences for now Timing this sale with last week's crafting XP bonus...
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    Game Down?

    Happening to me as well. The launcher fails to connect to the patch server and then gets stuck retrying.
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    Yes, please. I like mimics. And on that note, can we have a very small chance of about 0.5-1% that an object will turn out to be a mimic all year round and then increase that chance during the mimic hunt event?
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    Welcome to the new forums!

    Hello World! Looks like I'll have to dig up my signature or make an avatar or something.