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  1. Hominin

    Update 65 Release Notes

    New quest is not dropping heroic loot, for me at least, I've rerolled the final chest 24 times and nothing showed up, starting to think it's bugged.
  2. Hominin

    Muck's Devastation and Muck's Obliteration!

    Please SSG could you change the appeareance of these two greatclubs dropping from Kind of a big deal? Instead of looking like a regular greatclub they could resemble the maces Muck's Bane and Muck's Doom except in a 2-handed version, would be soooo cool, it's even hinted in their description.
  3. Hominin

    Dragon's Hoard locations

    I don't know if it has been suggested yet, but I'd say the secret chest in Seizing the Dawn looks like a no-brainer to me, it has a kobold lair and then a blue dragon.