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    VIP value and new content

    Been playing for~12 years. VIP at first then a year on and off may be. Spent the same in that time and own most. Sorry but VIP is not good value for ever. I don’t consider anything worth I know such little money. Is as is.
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    Nerf Hybrid Caster/Melees

    I play casters . Melees far out do casters when playing high level or raids. Try No sp pots . You should feel lucky that you complete quests so fast. 10 caster only raids only level 20 casters . Failed
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    Anyone else think that Traps do too much damage on elite and reaper?

    Don’t do the quests with deadly traps. Park a hireling near the trap and get him or her to raise you. There are many alternative s.
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    UPDATE: This is the SUPER LAG everyone is so upset about that didn't seem to occur before U59

    I just get 5 to 10 second freezes now, but the monsters don’t keep attacking. Died once or twice not every time like in the past. Lag is much much better now. Who else is the same?
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    Free quests idea

    This game is old. Most regulars have bought the packs. I keep hearing about returning players and new players. New players play for a few days then stop because it’s too expensive. Old returning players or ex VIP players the same. Why don’t we have a 20-40$ starter pack . Same as the recent free...
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    U60 Lammania Preview 1 Harbor Tavern Updates

    Stop price gouging. The once you spend $20 should include the same as the free pack giveaway. If I was new , I’d play for 1 hour, that iinc making a character. Get mean. New player you can choose fighter, cleric, wisard, rogue. State clearly. Free trail.,
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    U60 Occupy Stormreach Part Deux

    I’ll keep playing, begrudgly. Spend money a big fat No. Don’t make people pay for your mistakes.
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    Gianthold and Necro 4 Loot Update

    Another of the forgotten actually important things
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    New destinies are not going to help when you wreck the basic game

    Total nonsense. The lag is embedded in the original build of the game. I for 1 will reduce playing for sure. The lag now is ok. The sudden freezes hardly ever kill my characters. Reduce the Xp needed to level MUST accompany this. All stick ok if it helps BUT no carrot. Never.
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    Why the rush?

    They should revisit some of the huge wilderness areas. Update 65. 2 or 3 more quests in kings forest, stormhorns, , underdark, and ALL the others
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    New Pet Ideas: A Thread

    Hielings yes. Pets no
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    Devs, please change all metamagic no cost sla/abilities to benonly single target spells!!

    No, I have always played casters. However I’m useless in raids and harder content.m
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    Epic Arcane ingots in Keep on the Borderlands

    Where is the best place quests or wilderness to get Epic Arcane Ingots. I have silver and ethereal ingots. I traded for a sceptre awhile ago. But can’t remember where I got them. I hope they aren’t just random :-(