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  1. Fauxknight

    Need some help here on the PRR/MRR front plz!

    Generally 200 plus on the PRR side, maybe a little lighter for some ranged/caster builds or higher of course for brute melee. MRR varies mostly by armor, if cloth or light you generally sit at the cap of 50/100+ cap increases, otherwise 150+.
  2. Fauxknight

    Final life... Triple completionists! Choose your final form!

    Except OP is talking about having every past life done, not just optaining the completionist feats.
  3. Fauxknight

    Final life... Triple completionists! Choose your final form!

    Poor memory if you can't remember the end of February when Dragon Lord launched.
  4. Fauxknight

    Need Help Prioritizing and Calculating Ranged Damage Modifiers

    DWS is my goto with a bow as well. I'll do early levels with AA as you can buy most of your bonus imbue dice in the first few levels. Around 12 you switch over to DWS with secondary points in AA.
  5. Fauxknight

    Genuine question: Why doesn't VIP spell swap apply to Wizards?

    Spontaneous casters (Favored Soul, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock) can cast any spell they know at any time. These are the ones affected by the buff. They don't change which spells they prepare, but rather which spells they actually know. Other casters have to prepare which spells they will have...
  6. Fauxknight

    Level 1 Gear - Best Set?

    Nicked have deadly 3 and 2 elemental dice. I prefer nicked under most circumstances. Combine with mythic/reaper Borderlands gear and the minotaur nose ring from Sharn Syndicate.
  7. Fauxknight

    Immortality Lessons, Curious Door buggy?

    This is it. You have to be late triggering the door and step in right as it teleports away.
  8. Fauxknight

    Hey Tonquin!

    Blighted Bite has a listed duration of 1m per caster level. Tooltip shows correct duration, but it lasts 10 minutes regardless of the casters level. Could also do with being able to use Extend Spell on it.
  9. Fauxknight

    Blackrazor vs. Outburst

    As mentioned Outburst is going to run into a lot more enemies that are immune or highly resistant to its damage. I couldn't do it.
  10. Fauxknight

    Ki Explosion ... Ability Score too Low to Cast?

    Paladins cast with Wisdom, you need more.
  11. Fauxknight

    How to melee dance and what races/things it works on?

    Under the old system only certain attacks in the THF sequence cause AoE damage. Twitching could focus on the first attack and make every swing AoE. The old system was also unbalanced on the delay time between each attack in the sequence. The new animations clean that up. So getting...
  12. Fauxknight

    does 250 ac do anything in r10?

    I run 300 something AC and I don't expect those Dooms to miss. 400+ PRR keeps the hits manageable though at a little over 1k a pop.
  13. Fauxknight

    Sands Rare chest drops, Mythic boost?

    The newer areas can definitely drop Mythic, but older stuff like Sands doesn't seem like it can.
  14. Fauxknight

    cyclonic blast

    Captive of the Hidden God can get really bad in the last fight, I think one mage there can chain use it on you fast enough to prevent you from standing up.
  15. Fauxknight

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    I was mostly just going to log in for my daily gold roll today. Leveling buddies are out for the holiday.
  16. Fauxknight

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    Been trying to find the history of that outage, my Google Fu is lacking.
  17. Fauxknight

    It is time to increase THF damage multiplier

    This is why I almost always include the Tempest Dance of Death if I'm using TWF, the ability to use the raw damage of TWF fighting with Strikethrough is insane. Uptime is only 2/3, but that's more than enough to counter the normal lack of AoE.
  18. Fauxknight

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    I mean there was that one time they upgraded/migrated servers and the game ended up being down for weeks. We're not quite at that point...yet.
  19. Fauxknight

    How to LR/ER an iconic into an archetype

    He's talking about swapping from standard to Archtype. Say if you are a PDK and thus already a Fighter you can at no point pick up the DL Archtype without doing this. If you are just looking to get a quick Archtype TR in then yes taking one junk level as an Archtype not related to tgat ckass and...
  20. Fauxknight

    How to LR/ER an iconic into an archetype

    Same method used to remove the default level if you use a lesser + heart. You need to select the class you want rather than selecting iconic. Be careful when ETRing an Archtype, it's easy enough as mentioned above to un-archtype your character which can mess your heroic TR up.