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    Looking for VKF rogue build for next life

    As someone currently running a VKF rogue at cap capable of running high skull reaper solo or in a group, perhaps I could offer a little advice. First off; the build in general is a cap-focused build; that's not to say it's bad to level 1-30; but it does gain a significant amount of power from...
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    Finally, I was wondering if you had broken the merchant and needed to postpone this weekend several months to fix it. Naturally you pick a weekend where I'm gone for 3 days, but I got back in time to trade in a few million remnants. Now if you wouldn't mind, just keep the npc there so people...
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    Can I get a cookie cutter SF build that is 20 PLD

    As someone who leveled on r4 with a pure SF handwraps build (in cloth), I can certainly say it has the defenses needed for higher reapers. In raids I tend to be the default tank when no real tanks are around. The dps on the other hand is a good 2/3 of what I'm used to on a normal melee build...
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    Level 1 Gear - Best Set?

    Robe of Duality makes a significant improvement to casters levels 1-4 or so.
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    You can spend them on sentient xp once per year, when the DDO devs deign to let you spend your remnants for a brief moment in time.
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    Level 1 Gear - Best Set?

    My level 1 gearset is a level 2 gearset because level 1 doesn't matter. My "best" level 2 gearset looks something like this: Jump Potions, Bull Str Potions (or whatever stat I use to damage), for one quest a bear's endurance potion is useful, Necklace of contemplation, any item with an...
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    Update MotU and SoW loot

    26 gear is some of the best stuff for it's level in the game. +13 stats, 45 sheltering, 71 insightful spellpower, 2 profane stats; these are practically endgame set numbers on stuff you can wear 4 levels earlier. And to top it off; they come from raids that are easy to duo on a level 30 (and...
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    Improve early epic leveling

    Yeah; level 20-25 can be significantly harder then 1-20 or 26-32 on a melee; but there are very easy and good xp options to get past the bump if you're not kitted out in all the best gear and pastlives to just barrel through them. EH dailies are great xp and give tokens, Estar challanges are...
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    Update MotU and SoW loot

    As someone who tends to run (melees) on a bit higher difficulties some of the time; it mostly doesn't matter who the hireling is or what their AI is, put them on passive and keep them away from any fighting; on r4+ a stray AoE attack will accidentally kill your hireling no matter how smart they...
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    And I thought 20% guild renown was the worst bonus days they'd do.
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    SSG, the reason why I don't buy IoD or Vecna...

    Yeah, I can understand 10:30pm est start time being a bad time; I know my server has 2 prime times for raids that I know of. One at 9am EST (mostly Asian) and the other 7pm est (mostly American). It's not uncommon for 7pm groups to be still raiding at 10:30, though not necessarily picking up...
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    So now that the weekly guild renown increase is done can we get something useful; like the mysterious remnant items that we haven't been allowed to buy for over half a year?
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    DDO Bonus Days!

    At this point are we down to the mysterious trader being available for just one weekend a year? Why is it not permanent?
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    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    Can you please stop trying to force featherfall on melees. I don't play with featherfall and I don't want to; but the extra defense of that T2 is very useful on a melee. Now I need to chose between slow reaction times to maybe get hit for thousands of damage or just a severe nerf to my ability...
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    Needle in a Fey Stack is painful

    melee have a tough time fury-shotting the forms at level 6; and cc isn't always an option to them either. Basically just lower the skulls a bit and zerg past the mobs if you don't have a good ranged in the party.
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    Pinion vs Epic Sapphire Sting

    Leveling primarily; previously I would unthinkingly just go Random loot -> Sting -> Unwavering Ardency -> Pinion -> Epic Sting -> TR. But thinking about it a little it appears that Pinion -> Epic sting is now a downgrade, not an upgrade. As for endgame bows; I think Chaosbow is currently...
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    Pinion vs Epic Sapphire Sting

    While pinion and sting are very similar bows (same critical profile, same ranged alacrity); Thornlord doesn't have the alacrity and thus would have to make some assumptions and rough math to compare it to the above mentioned. I don't have a Thornlord due to my aversion to s/s/s meaning I got...
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    Pinion vs Epic Sapphire Sting

    So It's been a bit since I've looked into bows, and some things have changed since then; notably the weapon die change has buffed pinion from 2.5 to 3.6 and nerfed sapphire sting from 5 to (wiki says 4.4, in game my bow says 4.2). They both have their main selling points of an improved critical...
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    I saw on the wiki - Mysterious Cloak (Level 14) where do you get it?

    No. I've been waiting for such a weekend since I returned to the game four months ago. SSG loves to needlessly restrict a small number of items to a few poorly advertised days a couple of times per year.
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    DDO Marketplace deals are up

    Hey well there's one thing on the sales list that I was waiting for. SSG take my money. Other things I was hoping aren't on the list. Me, keep my money. Things are good.