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    Can't log in

    I can log in an access all my character slots
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    Can't log in

    Same for me - General Error accessing your account information.
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    did you evr experience that ?

    I have not had this problem with Gianthold, but I have had other sagas fail to credit me with a completion. Running the mission again fixed it for me and then I paid shard for completion on the mission I had skipped. For what you said, the only difference is that you skipped a mission before...
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    Are there quest you can't do alone?

    Clear a pyre. Invis your pet or hireling. Send them to light the pyre. You defend the gate. Repeat for each pyre. I have solo success on multiple occasions using this method, but not tried on reaper. You have to time your run to clear a pyre just after a wave has attacked the gate, when...
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    Introducing our VIP Loyalty Reward Program!

    Yes. I took exactly the same steps to confirm (to my own satisfaction) that it is just a notification issue.
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    Don't repeat Vecna Unleashed

    I like them all - except Grand Theft Aureon. As Marshal_Lannes said, "The Devils to Pay is a brilliant commentary on student loans." I don't know about student loans in other countries, but in the UK (excluding Scotland) the parody is spot on. Footnote: In Scotland, local students do not...
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    New race in Myth Drannor?

    ... but frankly any new race is fine. I just need one more racial AP to be completely uber at 1st level.
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    New race in Myth Drannor?

    I would like an undead race. Yes, I could play a Pale Master or Dark Disciple for curing via Cause spells, but an undead race is much more flexible IMO. Undead paladin sounds fun to me, or undead ranger ( = skeletal archer) is onother option. Or perhaps an Undead Blightcaster (Druid...
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    Servers just go down ?

    Yes - just kicked out of Orien. reports all serves down as of 1 minute ago.
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    Sales: December 28th - January 4th

    99tp offer came up much sooner than I expected. On balance, thank you SSG for not taking my money :)
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    Sales: December 28th - January 4th

    I thought I would take the opportunity to buy Masterminds of Sharn on my second account using PayPal. The website will not accept payment. I registered a new method of payment (credit card) as there were no methods of payment attached to the account. The website still will not accept payment...
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    Illithid Invasion u63 Event Unlocking Mega Thread [Completed]

    Reclamation exhausted on Orien
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    Illithid Invasion - Constructive Feedback

    Here are my suggestions (#1 and #2 stolen from my house mate). I know you can't make these chnages for the current event, but it might help your thinking for next time. In the gobal announcement include the dungeon in which a Mindflayer has been found / driven back. In the global announcment...
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    Illithid Invasion Exhaustion Table

    Orien completed HIPS
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    PDK not getting red footprints

    I have rebooted. I have switched the feat off then on. Still no red foot prints. It works fine on other toons (other races). Is this a known bug?
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    The New Trap Alerts Need Toggle!

    I like the new alerts. I would miss traps far too often with the old "subtle" alerts. By all means make the new style alerts optional, but please don't take them away.