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  1. Gimp-1

    Audio crash fix - testing a work around

    Sounds like its a limitation of his wireless headset. May have a fix rate for its playback. Hopefully he can get another headset.
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    Fred's first date is the most boring quest in years

    Well considering they were free (yes you can pay for them but if VIP or get them in the YoD event for free). More quests = more options.
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    Or ya know carry a few DD scrolls for such occasions. And not just for griefing the others in the raid....although it is a worthy endevour when properly executed. Chrono is a prefect place for their application. Anyways pretty sure a cleric tank should be able to throw DD from scroll. As...
  4. Gimp-1

    Anyone else think its a shame that the cosmetic pets of Myth Drannor are a rehash of existing pets?

    Nope i dont think its a shame. They will go in the kenel with the resto of them and stay there.
  5. Gimp-1

    Fragments of reaper power

    Ive found rolling well helps a lot. Loot wekends are best with discovery pots and again .... rolling well.
  6. Gimp-1

    Thanks for Nothing SSG

    Well fellas....pulled 6 reaper fragments worth of items and a bunch of named items (weapon food) while on the pot last night running R10s. YMMV. Better to be lucky...anyday.
  7. Gimp-1

    how set augments work?

    Dont forget there are some very powerful 3pc augment sets that are made from raid gear. I try to run 2 sets of the 3/pcs augments and 1-2 sets from gear alone. Gear Tetris is a mini game in DDO.
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    Ive never wiped a party due to my dps before...

    Not the legendary feared soccer-mom....scarey stuff there.
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    The Anniversary Event Flop

    I do not agree with anything you have stated. Fact is they are using the dragon npc multiple times.
  10. Gimp-1

    DPS Too High: Was it my fault?

    Just stand on the side with the tank and quit being such a drama queen.
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    A story about tiered progression and big city server people

    I would have gone back and helped the cleric even if it meant kicking every other player.
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    "(MELEE)" Threat gen.

    To OP turn off Stalwart Defender stance if you have it on. Its generally a problem. Also you should be -threat generation or you are doing it wrong as DPS. I literally swap gear out between being DPS with negative threat gen and when i need to be a tank with a few hundred threat gen. I am...
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    Titan Awakens Raid - Saturdays 7:30PM EST - Special thanks to Mornyngstar!

    Was a fun run. Handt dont that in about a decade (yikes). good to see interest in the fogotten parts...Titan, ToD and SoS could use love too. Hope SSG continues to expand this huge amount of quests and raids / areas.
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    Feels like Something is Wrong

    It will be ok
  15. Gimp-1

    Did monthly VIP points also get shutdown with the event dragon?

    Use the "I am experiencing purchasing issues" as you are paying for VIP and if you are not getting your benefits it is a purchasing issue.
  16. Gimp-1

    The Titan Awakens

    Flagged last night than realized im probably already flagged but hey now i have 2 Sigils. Ive got guild raids tonight but am open tomorrow (Sat) to run the test run raid. Ill be on my main (Gimp-1) and will look ya up around 7:30EST. I
  17. Gimp-1


    I did not see any loss of frame rate last night doing R10s (3hours of play). Had my FPS displayed the whole time and it varied about 30 FPS from min to max....but didnt stay low. And by low i mean like 100 fps on the low end. Running 3 monitors off the gpu with 2 clients active. Nvidia...
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    The Titan Awakens

    I saw the LFM last night late. Will work to get flagged. I havent run this raid in many years. Flagged a few lives ago with a guildy just to annoy our raid voting :)
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    Why is in-game voice chat volume so low?

    Best part about discord is it doesnt crash like the game client does. Thus you can communicate to the party that your client crashed and you are relogging.