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    Unable to confirm VIP Renewal...

    I want to renew a bit early, but after selecting Pay Now, I get the correct "shield" to appear, with what looks to be a Confirm Purchase button above it. I try to click it, but nothing happens. So, I am unable to renew.
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    Ravenloft, and lots of weapon drops from chests...

    I am wondering - has anyone else found that running heroic RL sagas on elite end up giving practically no non-weapon drops from named loot chests? As in, 0-1 named non-weapons from 12 HE quest runs...
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    Necronimicannon - Soul stealing effect gone?

    Does the current one you have still list the trap the soul effect?
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    Vecna Unleashed is now available to pre-purchase!

    Does the Universal tome in the Ultimate package stack with the old +1 AP Universal tome?