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    First Lifer Alchemist Nuker for Reaper Raids

    How would you suggest changing the feats on a toon that is a heroic completionist and a few lives behind their belt?
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    DDO Gameplay Guidelines

    I am having trouble finding a set of gameplay guidelines that outline any reportable offenses and things to steer away from. Can anybody help me?
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    Looking for 11 Barb/8 Druid/1 FVS build

    Here is my current layout for the build. I am unsure about taking toughness, blinding speed, and deific warding. I am wondering if there are better options. I am also unsure if I need to max balance and UMD for my skills or if other skills would be more useful. Classes: 11 Barbarian, 10 Epic...
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    Looking for 11 Barb/8 Druid/1 FVS build

    I am looking for a wolf/bear build to dps and chomp through things at cap for raiding and item farming. I am looking for either a leveling guide with list of feats to take and when or a full build.
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    Change Connected Email

    How do I change the email that is connected to my account?