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    OFFICIAL: Character Builder Lite

    [edited] I figured it out. When I tried running via launcher, it gave no error but when I happened to try running the exe directly it gave error 53 which I found was a missing dll (either specifically MSVBVM6 or coincidentally the post I found was missing the same dll I was). Thanks.
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    OFFICIAL: Character Builder Lite

    Has anyone run DDO Lite Tools under Crossover (or Whisky) on a Mac? Maetrim's just works (open in Crossover and it runs). All three DDO Lite Tools ask for permissions on the Documents dir (where I have them in a subdir) but then fail to do anything else. Any suggestions?
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    Weapon uselessness

    Lots of other people have touched on other weapons you commented on but I didn't see anyone address your crossbow statement. In almost all cases, the light crossbow will do more damage over time than the heavy crossbow - it fires faster by slightly over 10% so, as long as you are doing at least...
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    Prioritize fixing reincarnation bank problems

    For storage space, I would happily pay for something like another 1000 shared bank slots (I have the max I can - I think I missed a couple of the "get 10 when you buy this for $$"). It wouldn't directly help with TR but would help greatly with storage generally.
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    If so, it would be nice for an official announcement. Morrikan had prior approval from Cordovan before releasing Awesome AF (should still be on forums-old).
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    U60 Lammania Preview 1 - XP System Adjustments

    These changes are terrible. They amount to a massive xp nerf unless you spend a TON of extra time on quests. When I play non-HC, I rarely get dungeon alerts and I kill everything that aggros. I rarely get Conquest unless I go out of my way to do so. Even for groups playing the "right way"...
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    Downtime Notice: Thursday, May 25th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)

    Nope. You are using the analogy of pnp D&D. For DDO, it's more: Icon always on: (How it should be) DM: You see a crumbling floor/pit fall trap. Rogue: Hey everyone. There's a trap. Icon not existing: DM: You see a crumbling floor/pit fall trap. Rogue: (silence for several rounds) Party...