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  1. Aeron1976

    Please remove the tumbling speed bonus

    /not signed I will never understand players who dislike another playstyle so much, that they cry for a nerf, knowing the history of DDO when something gets nerfed it becomes useless. Especially in this silly case of who is faster to somewhere. Monks where always fast, Wings/Leap also...
  2. Aeron1976

    If you like tanky charisma monks that can use weapons... hey, try Sacred Fist

    Hi Drachmor, your idea sounds nice, do you have a build example? I'd like to try that soon
  3. Aeron1976

    New/returning Player needing a bit of help

    Welcome back, I had been 1 year away from the game twice now and it always felt new, especially builds and such. The build advice is pretty helpful and many update there builds to the newest changes, so i hope you find something suitable
  4. Aeron1976

    Tangleroot Gorge on Reaper Difficulty

    I would rather see the devs spend more time on more important things. Yes, its weird that this chain has no reaper settings, since XP comes in abundance at lvl 5-10 especially, I normally skip it nowadays, since the repetition (5 times or so the same entrance iirc) is quite boring to me.
  5. Aeron1976

    Inventory management is honestly paralyzing

    I feel your pain, I'm a hoarder and also like to keep legacy items even though they will never again be used. I TR less often than i would without that stupid inventory limit
  6. Aeron1976

    European players (around GMT timezone)

    Hi Jadedragon, I'm from Europe (Germany) and play every few days in the evenings. Send me a tell to Aeronn (nn!) and or Aliiisza (iii!) if you are interested. Cheers Aeron