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    Archer - How to get people to NOT play DDO.

    dead god the blessed bow posts in this thead... Bows being awkward for inexperienced players is the least of this game's issues. But I agree bows are probably not something most new players would enjoy. I don't think this game deserves new players, and frankly there are about 100 games I'd...
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    Rampant Inflation in House Jorasco

    This is still not fixed. I don't think I've used House J buffs in in about a decade, but I noticed pretty quickly that these buffs cost thousands of plat. It's obviously not an issue for non-HC, but it matters a lot on HC when starting out. You're charged the right price if you get the buffs...
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    Nightrevel Clicky Candies

    I check back in from time to time to see if this game is improving. It's actually getting worse.
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    Inventory management is honestly paralyzing

    yeah this one is a huge reason to not play the game. inventory is absurd in this game. the worst part is that the items we hoard are almost all mediocre at best.
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    So there's like a zillion people playing BG3 . . .

    It's objectively irresponsible to recommend DDO to anyone they like, love or respect. It wasn't sarcasm. That person genuinely thinks that some people will see BG3 as incomplete because the level cap is 12. In reality though, most DnD fans are acutely aware of how the game can get out of hand...
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    Did They Ever Release the "New VIP Bonuses" ?

    There's too many good games coming out to blow money on VIP for any significant amount of time. DDO simply isn't good enough. Any VIP upgrades would need to be staggeringly fantastic. I suppose they only want to retain the really diehard players of this game. That's why whatever they do will be...
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    The New Trap Alerts Need Toggle!

    This is fine. This game has colossal flaws. This is not only not a flaw, but a good addition. It might be on the too big too loud scale, but that can be adjusted. You have to always consider how something affects a new player. If it's good for them then it's good for the game. Sure, if a toggle...
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    Downtime Notice: Thursday, May 25th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)

    This fight is notorious for generating red alert and since DA has changed so drastically, hopefully so has this end fight. They need to change Thrill of the Hunt and Lesson too. These end fights go red a lot as well. They even supposedly changed Thrill, but it still went red after this change in...
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    problems with connecting

    yeah game is busted atm. i'm in the same boat. couldn't access bank, couldn't log out. i thought uh oh... i quit and now i'm perma cleaning up old connection ripddo
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    hardcore rng

    hey i just had to buy some shards for the rerolls and fey gear dropped first crack in like 4 consecutive chests. it was pretty funny. i despise the loot system of this game. too bad the game is busted atm and i couldn't access bank so foolishly logged and now im perma cleaning up old...
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    hardcore rng

    Yeah trying to get loot from content I already paid for reminds me why I quit playing this game awhile back. I'm level 8 and not one random loot from a chest has been usable. I had to buy from AH to get a decent weapon. Named loot from feywild (I bought the biggest one when it came out) has been...