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  1. Maze

    Update 66 Preview 1 - Epic Destiny Refresh

    I love constructive criticism.
  2. Maze

    Cheapo Rogue Endgame gear

    Love this. I've been looking at that post too. Plus I'm stupidly happy they finally added kukris to VKF. Been asking about that for ages lol
  3. Maze

    DDO store not working to buy points

    Well that's good to know.
  4. Maze

    Shadow Dancer Epic Destiny: Rebalanced from Unbalanced Melee/Range

    Yeah...they did rogues dirty with what they did to SD. I wasn't happy at all when they changes came around
  5. Maze

    Orien Discord

    Lies and slander lol
  6. Maze

    Dark Wolf is so useless, whats the point?

    See, this is about the only use I could find for them lol
  7. Maze

    Dark Wolf is so useless, whats the point?

    Yeah..hires/pups/etc aren't really useful besides lever pullers, ddoor, and the random heal they might donald duck at you.
  8. Maze

    It's a good day to be an Assassin.

    Nobody is ever truly safe.
  9. Maze

    Epic Destiny Question for Stick Rogue

    Ah yeah. The strikethrough, epic strike stuff, etc would be useful. But I spose you're dex based instead of str based then? It may not cater as well to you.
  10. Maze

    1:05 left on an XP pot, what to run?

    Fair fair. Mirror is pretty awesome for exp - especially even if you get one person to go the opposite way.
  11. Maze

    Orien Discord

    Pshh...what a laaammmeeee discord.
  12. Maze

    Spell Points?

    I remember when this wasn't a thing lol. Back when if you weren't a spellcaster, you couldn't gain spell points.
  13. Maze

    Epic Destiny Question for Stick Rogue

    Have you looked into Fury of the wild at all? Could be fun with a Q-staff.
  14. Maze

    1:05 left on an XP pot, what to run?

    Slayers would be a fairly decent investment if you also had a slayer pot and a small party. von3 will be decent. Not dailies specifically, but 3bc can be pretty quick to run through.
  15. Maze

    The New Trap Alerts Need Toggle!

    And on today's episode of how do you extend the length of your final paper on the topic of "I don't like something".....
  16. Maze

    Is the Lag Supposed to be Improved

    Why should we have have to slow down though?
  17. Maze

    The New Trap Alerts Need Toggle!

    Love the notifications. It'll be especially useful for hardcore but yeah, make them optional.
  18. Maze

    Change to Dungeon Alert

    So...we're getting hit with a nerf instead of being able to find a fix for the dungeon alert lag? Sounds about right.
  19. Maze

    Are past lives overrated?

    Yeah, I'd def agree with this. Getting all those extra racial AP can make a huge difference, especially at level 1.
  20. Maze

    SSG consider adding more colors to the reaper wings!

    New colors would be appreciated. Tho, some sort of plat sink is still kinda needed. I think they'd still be able to hit that if they cut the price by half or so.