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    Triceratops Horns Drop Rate?

    Is it me or do triceratops horns have a far lower drop rate than other isle of dread dino bones? I seem to be getting horns at a rate 0.21x the rate of the other bones.
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    What makes Ying's Bow tick?

    Say I want to play ying's bow but I want to play a slightly gimped version with easier leveling. I understand that it's a bit more of a complicated build for maxed dps, but what are the critical parts that contribute to this? What enchancments, epic destinies, feats, items, sneak attack dice...
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    How do I update billing information in the new store

    I hate this new ui help
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    Where do I update billing information in the new store?

    I don't want it charged to paypal/my old card. Where can I update this. This new store is weird
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    Need ideas for a reincarnated build

    I'm going to reincarnate for the first time as a bow ranger, and I plan to keep that character as a ranger. However, I'm uncertain what race I should play as I didn't like my current one very much (dragonborn). I was thinking about playing as a drow because I was finding I was getting more...
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    Is there any way to use strength for hit and damage with bows?

    Basically is a strength based ranger that uses bows possible?
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    Lesser Reincarnation

    I made a lot of mistakes while leveling up because I blindly clicked through the level up process. Now I'm level 17 and I can either continue to piggyback on public groups or crawl through the solo level up process with a poorly made character. The best solution I've found is to lesser...
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    I'm a first life, can someone explain imbue dice and imbue toggles?

    I'm very stupid and can't find the answer
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    Bow of the Elements Air or Thornlord

    Currently grinding for a new bow in the sands of menechtarun, should I go for the bow of the elements or thornlord? I have enough ddo points saved up to just buy an augment straight from the store. Currently a level 12 ranger.