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    Failed to cancel the enrollment.

    I no longer wish to contribute to this game. I don't care about vip anymore. I wish I could cancel now and get half of my 30 dollars back since im less than one month into it. The fact that I cant unsubscribe at all makes me even more suspicious of SSG. My credit card will back me up though...
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    Did the devs close haunted halls because people farm it for chocolates?

    That right there is why they will continuously reduce the opportunity to get keys in game. Its the same crap they pulled in Lotro. I feel sorry for those of you that have spent over a decade on this game. It's going to be difficult to let go. I know it was tough for me to let go of Lotro...
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    Too much "balancing", I've have enough

    Is my bastard sword legendary 13 better or weaker now that it went from 15w down to 5.4w. Regular 13 was 5w before and I dont know now. I spent more than a few shards rerolling to finally get it. Never again. Ive been playing for one year and have hit the brick wall which tells me this is...
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    My artificer spells are weaker u62

    I found one and got a chocolate bar. No problem, but everything else takes longer so I now that much further to go to being able to play elite to be able to get gear.
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    My artificer spells are weaker u62

    My damage spells like tactical detonation seem to be a lot weaker after update 62. I used to kill mobs in 1-2 hits on hard (not enough defense for elite) in vecna. Now it is taking 4-5 hits my melee seems about the same or a bit less. Is it just me?
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    The +1 to +2, +5 to +6 stat tomes, etc are utterly useless being BTA. If they were auctionable(especially for shards), they would be great. As they are I dont even take the time to vendor them. Through em on the ground.
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    Dont waste your time on potions or spells, scrolls clickies or anything else that isnt permanent. Get a yellow lvl 4 augment of underwater breathing and put it in the piece of gear that has an open slot that you should have by now. That and feather fall(which should be on an item permanently...
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    Looking For Advice

    As you level if you just wing it, you will pick feats and enhancements that may not be the best for when you get to lvl32, but were great or even essential as you leveled. You will end up with duplicated abilities such as ghost touch or eschewed materials, etc. So save the free heart of wood...
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    Backstabbing in PVP

    As badly as PVP has messed up Lotro, Im glad its a dim afterthought here. Just sayin...
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    New Player Guide

    Navigation is by far the biggest challenge of this game. In fact, the first time my character died, I jumped off the airship to my death because I litteraly didnt know the captain (and farshifter) up there could send me almost anywhere. Speaking of airships, join a guild and activate your...
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    New store interface feedback

    Just doing something as simple as augment shopping is a nightmare. Im a newbie so I would like to be able to hover over something and get a brief destription instead of having to click on it and then when I go back, it resets almost everything(like priced highest to lowest), and I have to start...
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    Baldur's Gate III . . .

    Can you change the view from overhead to more like ddo? It looks turn based which has its pluses and minuses, mostly minuses.
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    KodeWraith's "I just want to hit things with a Bastard Sword": Pure Arti Edition

    My build right now is similar. Macrotechnic destiny is my main. I did 12 points in harper for the int to damage.
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    Iron Defender

    Great so I just wasted a lesser heart of wood 20 just to play around on a class that is fundamentally flawed. Every feat like augment summoning was a waste. I can at least fix my enhancements and destinies to not be useful to the pet and instead useful to my character. This is reminding me of...
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    Iron Defender

    I read the unofficial iron defender page from 2011, but it may be dated and all is not clear. I'm wondering what I can do to beef it up. Survivability is top priority. I gave it a basic lvl32 docent with one blue augment for now. What augments are actually useful? Finding a collar is going...
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    Not getting item from store.

    Well after logging in an alt and then relogging the main I bought the items on, they appeared.
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    Not getting item from store.

    I bought an augment from the store but my bags where full(as usual). It said something like bags are full cant deliver. I went and sold some stuff and relogged. When I logged it it gave me an alert saying undelivered items click on this alert....I couldnt click on anything, and I even looked...
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    Permanent gold seal hirelings.

    Are any of the permanent gold seal hirelings any good? Ive found Teal from IOD to be good. At least he self regenerates HP and knocks mobs down. Anyone others for a level 32? Is the new rat rogue from Vecna Unleashed worth anything? Albereth Whelen, the regular lvl30 hire seems ok as a...
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    EK Warforged build

    I could just do 2rogue for open lock and evasion and 18 wizard,right? Improved evasion would still be nice,no? Also it doesnt look much different if I take the swf line then at 31 take the 2hf specialty VS taking the 2hf line and the swf specialty at 31. One takes 3 feats early on and one...
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    EK Warforged build

    Dont forget that one epic destiny (shadowdancer) is locked if you want to get evasion while going pure Sorry, that part has got me confused.