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    Mary Warlock Enchanter CC Build - My main build for Live+Hardcore Solo Reaper

    what would be an updated gearset?
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    barb build help

    looking for a barbarian build , pure barb , wood elf,. need best in slot gear with least amount of swapping gear. going for dps build for endgame . i dont have all past lives but most. thanks for the help
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    Ying's Reaper Warlock

    can i have a list of this gear?
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    Reaper Endgame Wood Elf Frenzied Berserker

    what would use for belt and boots if u didnt have melee power on them?
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    looking for xbow build

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    looking for xbow build

    when should i take barb early on?
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    looking for xbow build

    hi all, looking for a xbow build to do a quick heroic ranger life to 30