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  1. tsotate

    New Eladrin race

    You forgot Shadar Kai elves
  2. tsotate

    Voice Chat not working after update?

    Ambiguous from the subject, maybe. The linked thread is clearly talking about voice chat. But you do you and keep ignoring the thread Cordovan is responding to on the issue you claim to care about.
  3. tsotate

    Voice Chat not working after update?

    You mean like the thread from Wednesday?
  4. tsotate

    VIP Perk Suggestions

    What's that like? I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
  5. tsotate

    First look at the new green dragon mount

    While dragons are rivaled only by humans in their quest to breed with absolutely everything, that's not how Slaad reproduction works.
  6. tsotate

    U68 Preview 1: Wild Magic & Surges General Info

    Are these zones going to show up in future non-Myth Drannor content? Or can we avoid dealing with a bad implementation of my least-favorite tabletop mechanic by simply skipping this expansion and not grouping with wild sorcerers?
  7. tsotate

    What's your favourite quest?

    I love that every time someone makes a thread like this, the answers are exactly the same ones that every thread asking for people's least favorite quests gets. DDO players: never agreeing on anything.
  8. tsotate

    Thanks for Nothing SSG

    Oh, it's a gesture alright, but not of appreciation.
  9. tsotate

    So This Xpack Giveaway Bug, Does It Alter the Year of the Dragon Calendar Schedule or Are We Shafted a Week of Opportunity to Claim Our Xpack?

    And if it does change the schedule by a week, can you at least rename the awards so now they'll actually be named for the month they can mostly be claimed in? That didn't confuse anyone, after all.
  10. tsotate

    Enchanted Horse Shoes only in End Chests?

    Only in end chests, and only on epic. So if you're running on heroic elite, you'll never see one. Edit: Darn autocorrupt
  11. tsotate

    Introducing our VIP Loyalty Reward Program!

    I suppose there's someone with a Royal Guard Mask that they share between characters who might care. Or they might have cared if non-equipped items still took damage, which they don't. This is obviously false. There have been non-VIP Premium players in this game for years. I play pretty much...
  12. tsotate

    Introducing our VIP Loyalty Reward Program!

    You're nine days late for April Fools Day. Where's the real list?
  13. tsotate

    Where O. Where O has the VIP Benefit Updates Gone?

    Clearly they meant Q1 in the same way they meant the month names for the Year of the Dragon stuff --- i.e. not Q1 at all.
  14. tsotate

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    Clearly, an XP bonus on days most people have work is a great substitute for being able to play on the weekend. Brilliant.
  15. tsotate

    DDO unavailable: Saturday March 30th

    Pretty much same. I spent way too many tedious hours farming planar shards for a large bag yesterday.
  16. tsotate

    Legendary TOD

    My favorite was when the disease circle ended up at the Marketplace teleport point on Orien for a week .
  17. tsotate

    When the tooltip revamp goes too far

    If you don't have auto-attack on, you stand up straight from the combat crouch when out of combat. Would be nice to have an indicator that didn't care about auto-attack, though.
  18. tsotate

    That was a rippoff

    Even more importantly, ddowiki is a third-party site maintained by fans and volunteers. Sure, they generally do a great job, but why should they have to? Why is so much of the information about this game unavailable within the game? Tooltips are wrong all the time, and we get unhelpful patch...
  19. tsotate

    Sincere question: Why is Epic/Legendary Losing Community Engagement?

    I find that the graphics get worse and worse as my eyes age. I'll stick with video games.
  20. tsotate

    Just Business

    It's like when the NPCs in a small village in Cormyr call your PC from Sharn a yokel.