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  1. Nebless

    Everyone's happy about the new mount!

    Same here. Not something I'll ever take out and ride. I'm glad they gave us a new mount, just not my thing.
  2. Nebless

    Making the game more "new player" friendly.

    Why do people always think that new players need to 'catch up' to those that have been playing the game longer than the new guys? The truth is they never will catch up even if you could just dupe your current character and let them play it, because they'll still lack the experience you've...
  3. Nebless

    What's your favourite quest?

    Well it's not a quest, but I love running around Crystal Cove listening to the music and killing stuff. Very relaxing.
  4. Nebless

    SSG Needs to Make the DDO Quest Chains More Story Driven

    Me - "nor if they're in group content". You - "Then, you run it alone". Are you sure you actually play MMO's? Group Content, Raids etc..... Pretty hard to run alone.
  5. Nebless

    SSG Needs to Make the DDO Quest Chains More Story Driven

    Cut scenes are great the first time around and the time to introduce / hype them is when making and releasing a game. Since there's really no way to go back and put them in current content the way forward would be to increase the next expansions budget by double or triple and then raise the...
  6. Nebless

    I Prefer Medieval Content, or at least Planestravelling Stuff, not Steampunk

    No he didn't, 2 separate games. D&D grew out of Chainmail yes (Chainmail had a fanstasy supplement), but they were never the same game, nor was Chainmail renamed D&D. No they don't. If anything SSG produces MMO content for EG7 who owns them. That was true only for the very first licensing...
  7. Nebless

    Anyone Else F2P(Free to Play) or Premium that's trying to earn Store Points for an Expansion feel like Frodo Baggins walking to Mordor?

    No it won't. You've always had to create 2 separate accounts for the games. While you can use the same username and password for both, the email address has to be different. If you want you can send in a ticket asking customer service to add whichever game to your existing account and they'll...
  8. Nebless

    Anyone Else F2P(Free to Play) or Premium that's trying to earn Store Points for an Expansion feel like Frodo Baggins walking to Mordor?

    Anyone Else F2P(Free to Play) or Premium that's trying to earn Store Points for an Expansion? I don't even try. I've never found DDO to be as free with earned store points as LotRO is so if I want an expansion I just pay for it.
  9. Nebless

    New player, first life need help and some wisdom.

    No or probably not. Max level is currently 30 and I've heard talk it's going to go higher. I really don't think you'd be able to make it that high on just a f2p account. Good yes, best probably not. Yes, joining a guild has nothing to do with account status. If your goal is only lvl 20 than...
  10. Nebless

    Add more Solo quests starting with those Threnal side quests

    Or just go into the options and set the boxes to show 'no chat while in dungeon'.
  11. Nebless

    Alternative to Past lives and Reaper Enhancements

    Why do people always think 'new players need to catch up'? It's stupid, especially here where players are constantly reincarnating? The goal post is always moving. Short of an auto boost with X number of lives attached you can buy it's never going to happen unless the experienced players stop...
  12. Nebless

    D&D Coming to VR

    First-Ever Dungeons & Dragons VR Game is On The Way from Demeo Devs Resolution Games.
  13. Nebless

    Solution for No New HCL in 2024

    Would that just be for Group leaders so they know the make up of their Party? Othewise I'm not sure why it would matter.
  14. Nebless

    What I do..

    After I've done the first round of the Korthos Village quests I pop over to the Harbor and pick up the gem, ingredient and collectible bags and buy a quiver and then return to Korthos to finish it out. It totally helps with inventory space while questing since you only have the 3 inventory tabs.
  15. Nebless

    Epic Stone of Experience

    I got one free on my low level Wayfinder character a couple of years ago. In a weak moment I used it and it totally ruined my experience. I ended up deleting the character. Of course I like all the low level content and once I hit lvl 10 kind of lose interest.
  16. Nebless

    What stops me from spending money in this game.

    You're not suppose to be able to get to 32 via F2p only. 10 easily, yes. 20? maybe with a lot of work. Beyond that you're expected to pay money.
  17. Nebless

    Open World Areas Sidequests

    Well your examples are all covered by the wilderness area's slayer deed so I'm not sure why having an NPC tell you to do it is better than it being auto granted when you enter the wilderness area. The only real difference is the favor and loot you want added, but would that be enough to make...
  18. Nebless

    F2P Quests and adventure code...

    Codes like that (and there have been a couple) are only good for a limited amount of time (like 2 months or so) so you'll keep an eye out for any new ones.
  19. Nebless

    Ammo Overhaul

    That's why I said new AND low level players as you seem to be forgetting about all the Hardcore servers they've done / will do since when those run we're all 'NEW players' that could use the coin.