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  1. Aelonwy

    Anyone else think its a shame that the cosmetic pets of Myth Drannor are a rehash of existing pets?

    As title. Essentially we already have the cooshee and the Imp isn't all that fundamentally different from the mephits. Okay they slapped some armor on them but for a $130 package you'd think we'd get something at least as unique as has been lately created to go with the $80 cosmetic patron...
  2. Aelonwy

    Sales: June 6th - 13th

    I suppose 35% off a coffer bundle is better than 75% off something as inconsequential as cloaks but really the sales have been getting worse and worse every year. I've played long enough I remember when we used to have a 50% off item each week; now we are lucky to get 35% off something useful...
  3. Aelonwy

    Lamannia Update 68 Preview 2 - Eladrin

    Dex based because at character creation you can make it higher dex for reduced cost and additionally its second racial past life is +1 dex
  4. Aelonwy

    Lamannia Update 68 Preview 2 - Eladrin Chaosmancer Iconic Hero

    My son tested this and said light/alignment spellpower are not affecting/scaling the Chaotic spellpower of this iconic has anyone else tested this and noticed? Is this a bug or are they really going to separate out all the alignment spell powers to further force us to specialize gear with...
  5. Aelonwy

    Lamannia Update 68 Preview 2 - Eladrin

    As others have said the T4 SLAs are disappointing and unworthy of T4 expenditure. I suggest you go more Season's Herald on these. Lean into it. Furthermore, yet another dex based race? As the kobolds say "Really? Really?!" Both 3.5 and 4th edition have these as a +2 Int race with a choice of...
  6. Aelonwy

    Lamannia Update 68 Preview 2 - Release Notes

    The spellpower UI is going to give me headaches. Just put the information in a new section on the much more easier to read + Tab please for the love of D&D. I haven't seen any mention of the Magic Carpet Mount, not even on this Official Overview thread. I would like to make a small...
  7. Aelonwy

    The Cupcake Muskateers Tavern welcomes You

    Texas had tornados/high winds on May 16th so we were out electricity for 4 days but due to all the trees falling in my neighborhood we didn't get internet back till June first. We lost one tree, but it was already leaning like it wanted to crush the mailbox. It missed, winds knocked it...
  8. Aelonwy

    The Astral Traveler Patron's Coffer is now available!

    I really like the style of this one, like the fully all-in top bundle but I'm going to have to wait till it comes back around. I don't currently have the points for it and we're already budgeting for Myth Drannor x 3 right around the corner. If anything is disappointing about this bundle its...
  9. Aelonwy

    What Three Things Do You Love Most about DDO?

    I chose build complexity/variety, nostalgia for familiar worlds/races/classes/monsters, and you must admit most of the voice acting is top-notch. I also prefer the real-time combat although lag sometimes makes it feel turn-based where I don't get a turn for several rounds. I really wanted to...
  10. Aelonwy

    What Single Thing about DDO do you Hate the Most?

    Choosing just one was a very tough choice. I went with lag and bugs which can be instantly aggravating. But inventory management is a soul-sucking time waster and nerfs often cause breaks from the game either for ourselves or friends which can make playing way less fun and more feeling despondent.
  11. Aelonwy

    Just a plain White Cloak...

    I've looted plenty of robes from Guard Kayd and Kear but not like this one. I've looted plenty of robes with the right type collar, even the right color but then not on the right robe base. Its 3 variables that have to align. Correct Robe + Correct Collar/Accessory Layer + Correct Color of...
  12. Aelonwy

    Carrion swarm - why no damage at all on save?

    Superficially, I can see where you are going with this line of reasoning but it doesn't hold water. They created some of the kinks and screws and twisty builds with things like handwrap Shifter Barbarians, Dark Hunter rangers that are more rogue/druid than ranger somehow. Sure they give us...
  13. Aelonwy

    Just a plain White Cloak...

    I have tried on every single random generated robe that has entered my inventory of every possible level since 2011 or 2012. I have been attempting to acquire this robe: The forward facing image is a photoshop but the backside image was a quick pic I took of a player in the marketplace before...
  14. Aelonwy

    Just a plain White Cloak...

    You can get a plain white cloak in random gen but it could take forever. Getting a solid color is less common than getting two contrasting colors plus even if the cloak is a solid color it could have an unappealing style such as lines across the back dividing it in half or the loopy edging or...
  15. Aelonwy

    You're going to take this VIPLP and you're going to like it.

    By the way, the poll should have had a Donuts option for undecided.
  16. Aelonwy

    You're going to take this VIPLP and you're going to like it.

    Making a lot of assumptions there. I know tone in text can be difficult but nowhere was Cd throwing a hissy fit. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they don't have to sit down and shut up just because someone doesn't want to hear/read it. If you have a problem with any particular...
  17. Aelonwy

    Is PDK Fat ?

    They look like mutants. Their proportions are very poor, if they were meant to be comic-book hero proportions they were way off and should have been modeled more like warforged.
  18. Aelonwy

    Thursday May 2nd? No sales or weekend bonus today?

    Thank you guys. Sometimes I just want to glance at the forums info on my phone while I'm cooking or soaking the dishes after cooking.
  19. Aelonwy

    Thursday May 2nd? No sales or weekend bonus today?

    As title, did we not get the Thursday sales and weekend bonus announced? I see it neither in dev tracker nor in the usual forum section for either. I cannot be the only one to notice? Are they announcing it somewhere else entirely now?
  20. Aelonwy

    Ddo's downtime is because of the shady playerbase

    If you know of any specific shady things players are doing the proper thing to do is report it to SSG. To speak of, question or entertain brain-storming about shady things on the forums is usually considered a no-no.