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  1. Nimueh

    U68 Preview 1: Wild Mage Sorcerer Archetype

    Man... I came back just a while ago and saw the Year of the dragon stuff - final one is that draconic acolyte or whatever and I was like cool a sorc archetype - ok I guess I was wrong because they're doing a sorc archetype here (unless they plan on doing 2 sorc archetypes...? possible but that...
  2. Nimueh

    U67 Early Look: Fred's First Date

    *finally convinces friends to try the came* "U65 Paws and Peril" "Why are we playing a childrens game?" "It's one quest, don't know why they do it. last few expansions have been pretty cool, next one should be cool" "Freds first date" *uninstalls* well, guess I am done trying to introduce...
  3. Nimueh

    Astral Shards and Spectral Scales

    I tried, their responses I pasted in quotes, the guy flip flopped then pretty much said pound sand. Great company. Glad I've been supporting it for the majority of my life.
  4. Nimueh

    Astral Shards and Spectral Scales

    Hello! I've recently swapped servers and before I moved I decided to buy the most profitable items off the shard exchange in an effort to move my astral shards to another server, after researching both servers I found one of the most cost effective items at the time were spectral scales, so...
  5. Nimueh

    Enhancement Load-out's

    I don't even care if they cost $$$ to unlock but give us the ability to have at least 2 preferably more enhancement loadout's that we can easily switch between, both epic destinies & regular enhancements, 9 times out of 10 you would be better off running a different AP split for a raid than you...
  6. Nimueh

    U62 Preview 1 Weapon W Scalar Revamp

    Raid weapons are still going to maintain their additional [w] over standard weapons as they should considering they are harder to get correct?
  7. Nimueh

    Handwraps Monk Build

    Heads up as of September 2023 appears to no longer be true unless I am missing something.
  8. Nimueh

    Remove "chains" aka forced completion of a series of quests to access other quests

    I'm not against flagging. It's always been a part of RPG's. But unless this is some kind've darksouls esque timeless loop the whole past life forgetting thing is entirely negated by the fact you do the same thing every single life - how many times can the abbot die? how many times can I murder...
  9. Nimueh

    LOTRO gets a Battlepass so why not DDO? DDO BATTLEPASS?

    How is gaining passive rewards that incentivize players to spend money on the game therefore rewarding players and bringing in more revenue hardcore w/out permadeath...? "Hey you played a lot, take a free exp potion, take a free cloak, take a free armor, whats that you want to pay money 2 us as...
  10. Nimueh

    LOTRO gets a Battlepass so why not DDO? DDO BATTLEPASS?

    Precisely, we don't have VIP because we have been playing so long and it offers us nothing (besides a 10% exp boost and some misc things). The entire point of the battlepass system is to provide long term players value for VIP incentivizing us to buy it. And if your quarrel is with cosmetics...
  11. Nimueh

    LOTRO gets a Battlepass so why not DDO? DDO BATTLEPASS?

    I think a cosmetic battle pass-like system would be great for a VIP benefit (however, if it is a separate thing from VIP I wouldn't pay for it) Unsure how the progression system would work however, total exp gained? doesn't work for endgame players, same w/past lives, etc... It could run off...
  12. Nimueh


    The like button includes other options such as angry or sad :3
  13. Nimueh

    GothicBites, DDO's First Magical UI

    @TGP A few years ago you mentioned working on a blizzard (blue) and a candy (pink) skin - are those still being developed or were they deemed 2 much work and tossed aside?
  14. Nimueh

    I thought lag was supposed to be nearly gone?

    What do you mean - they fixed lag remember? It was our fault caused by having 2 many mobs aggro. I 100% haven't had any lag since the lag update and it 100% has not been worse than it has been in the past 10 years - their backend statistics that they don't care to share prove that lag has...
  15. Nimueh

    Change to Dungeon Alert

    Yes, nobody is forcing you to be there.
  16. Nimueh

    Change to Dungeon Alert

    I would like to take note that since this change I have noticed a MASSIVE increase in lag, and I believe most of this is caused by the fact that since we need to kill the trash to reduce dungeon alert before we kill the boss and that is what aoe abiltiies are for, the goal of this was completely...
  17. Nimueh

    Change to Dungeon Alert

    #1 No. Don't turn my 6 hour pot into a 10, 20 or even 30 quest completion pot. I can run more than 30 quests in 1 hour and it would also make favor farming and alternative quest routes inefficient and therefore never run. Unless they make it like 60 or 100 quests/pot this is a horrible...
  18. Nimueh

    Change to Dungeon Alert

    Time to organize a red alert party where we get as many players as we can in as many instances as we can at the same time and see who can hold the most mobs the longest. Seriously though - removing the only fun part about the game? blitzing through quests because your mobs are 1 shot and there...