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  1. Eltronin

    TR XP Question

    No just asking how much XP to get to level 20.
  2. Eltronin

    TR XP Question

    Thank you.
  3. Eltronin

    TR XP Question

    I am on my 5th life. I have an Iconic so at level 15 with 2,100,000xp. Am I reading correctly that I will need 3,800,000 for level 20 or is it higher?
  4. Eltronin

    Every Expansion Needs a Jibbers

    Raid items should not be included, defeats the purpose of doin a raid. As for giving out random tokens to get items without farming them, no thanks. If you want something, earn it.
  5. Eltronin

    Gate mounts @ Harbor bank

    Reading all these post, many have shown solutions to the problem you are arguing about. You refuse to listen to how simple it is to get around the mounts. You keep arguing in the face of facts and logic. In addition, you contradict yourself. You argue you can't see something and you don't...
  6. Eltronin

    Gate mounts @ Harbor bank

    I've never had a problem. I either use the focus orb or I go through the other players and click on the banker. If it is a great problem, go to market place with 6 bankers ready to serve you or change Harbor instance.
  7. Eltronin

    The Flying Carpet is Very Cool!

    They won't appear. My wife refuses to give up her broom to make a model from.
  8. Eltronin

    Is it me? Or is DDO down, down to Goblintown?

    You healed the Kobolds in Water Works didn't you? We told you, stab them, slash them, shoot them but, dont heal them.
  9. Eltronin

    is Ravenloft gear obsolete?

    I find the Heroic gear very useful to get me to Epic. I usually skip Sharn gear unless there is something specific I need. Legendary....I mix and match so I have no real helpful opinion on that part.
  10. Eltronin

    DDO Bonus Days!

    We heard you like Water Work Kobolds also but hey, we don't judge.
  11. Eltronin

    DDO Wiki

    Compendium is still working for me.
  12. Eltronin

    DDO Wiki

    Kobolds on Strike, revenge for Waterworks.
  13. Eltronin

    Can't log in

    Going to follow to see how long this takes.
  14. Eltronin

    Reaper changes

    Would love to see them carrying a Scythe.
  15. Eltronin

    I'm just going to say it...

    Kobolds can remember Water Works all they want, they don't warrant a Player class. They are not worth the time or money. Yes, I said it, Kibolds don't matter. 😜
  16. Eltronin

    Spellsinger enhancement tree.

    What's different?
  17. Eltronin

    Special Press and Content Creator Preview - Monday, June 3rd 7p Eastern on Lamannia!

    Did you sacrifice a Shrubbery and chop down a tree with a Herring?
  18. Eltronin

    DDO builder question

    Click the Epic destiny tab. Under the tables, click each individual epic tree and you will get the points.
  19. Eltronin

    First look at the new green dragon mount

    Please, Please tell me this is a joke that just passed over my head. There is no way the graphic designers couldn't have come with anything better.