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  1. Sparty

    Liking the Myth Drannor cosmetics

    I agree, the marksman cosmetic is awesome, DDO's art department has always been a consistent positive for this game and really appreciate the hard work they put into the cosmetics.
  2. Sparty

    Pure fighter S&B Tank build?

    I have a set of bracers for each element, that has resist and absorb so i will typically swap those out if needed, but i agree that the electric damage is significant. I have tanked it twice on hard so far and it has held up well. I have to say, in one group I was in the Balor didnt even have...
  3. Sparty

    Pure fighter S&B Tank build?

    Currently have a tank and unbuffed has an AC of 437, 434PRR and 215mrr, 5400hp Any opinions on whether I could tank FOM? I haven't tried tanking that raid yet
  4. Sparty

    Guild Recruiting

    Wanted to bump this up once
  5. Sparty

    Why bother with this event?

    I agree, I thought it would be spawning random mindflayers like the hounds during one of the hardcore seasons, I thought that was really fun. I still love that they are trying to add some events and switch things up a bit though, hopefully there will be more engaging events in the future.
  6. Sparty

    Guild Recruiting

    Hello all, I am guild leader of Chimera. We are looking for a few more players to join the guild. We are all experienced and have been playing the game since the year it came out. We are easy going, a big part of the game for us is hanging out with friends, destressing, joking around...
  7. Sparty

    Introducing: The Underdark Patron's Coffers!

    My favorite quote from CIV “everything is worth what it’s purchaser will pay for it” … that being said it’s a hard pass from me
  8. Sparty

    Change to Dungeon Alert

    If you are trying to change behavior, rewards work better than punishment.