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    Question on repeating heavy xbow

    "It" specifically says "light or heavy crossbows" - which are not repeaters.
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    "Girl Genius 'Madboy' Spark" build?

    You use the word "maximum"... "maximum" for what? Fast Leveling to 20? Survivability? Pure Damage output (where one mistake will kill you, you silly glass cannon you!)? Get to 20 and farm? Push on to 30 and then farm?... each one has a different profile, diff expectations and requirements to...
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    Question on repeating heavy xbow

    Depending on the long-term build, you can start out with this and then re-spec to something else (for free, via Fred) if/when your build gets natural access to hvy x-bows, so you're not "using" a feat slot by end build.
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    Explain Reincarnation To Me Like I'm Dumb

    First, grats on 20! Then - I feel ya. I remember being new, and the jibberish that is the "veteran's shorthand" for this game. Oy. Maybe in Esperanto, pls - I don't speak that, but at least there are on-line translators, unlike DDO-ese. ;) This may help, a bit -...
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    Were we given free stuff recently?

    Yes, a MESS of the older quests were made F2P - but this was a couple years, not a few months. You'll find other packs now F2P (depending what you owned before). Welcome back!
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    Archmage was buffed and it feels great for levelling

    It is not, because you don't explain why it's "not good". Present the specifics of your critique, explain why you think it's "bad", and we'll go from there. A blanket "This is bad" statement is not a good critique because it's not a critique, it's just an unsupported label. As it stands, the...
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    Always wanting to download non-existent updates?

    Same here, only I had no new install, just sorta started doing it recently.
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    Archmage was buffed and it feels great for levelling

    With all due respect, this critique is not good.
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    Racial Life & EPL Farmer

    This was recently posted by a vet character designer: o Requires Inquisitive (which you can easily earn for Free if you have the Masterminds of Sharn expansion.)
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    Help me Stay Indeee Pendent

    Ah, you are correct! (The old double-enhancement tree shuffle, gets me every time! o_O ) GOOD! Ignore the Monk centering - as stated before, one big problem w/ this build is that it's trying to go in too many directions, too many AP's being spent for short-term gains that then are left...
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    Help/Thoughts on salvaging this build

    Listen to U, he knows all, he tells all. I don't believe respeccing is mandatory - yes, points were wasted trying to cover too many bases, but the diff between a starting 18 stat and a starting 15 is only +1 or 2 - not a dealbreaker (unless he's trying to be a caster, then, yes, start 18, end...
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    Help me Stay Indeee Pendent

    Thanks! o7 Roleplay builds (aka "flavor" builds", or "(high) concept" builds) are what they are - sub-optimal, trading off best choices for "fun", however the player defines that for themselves. The problem arises when, as here, the player states "...I've started to struggle... I can't get him...
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    Update 63 approaches!

    Altho' technically a week doesn't end until Saturday midnight tonight, the work-week ended yesterday, so (usually) Cordo's done for the weekend... any word on this? (Or are we interpreting that as "later in the next 7 days..."?)
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    Help me Stay Indeee Pendent

    Welcome to the Forums! Well, if you've "rarely made it to 20", then your character is missing some of the most powerful Favor Rewards - the +2/5/8 free Tomes of Ability, and also the past-life benefits that come with Reincarnating - PL bonuses, 34/36 pt builds, etc etc. ... and welcome to...
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    Diff color border for Crafted items

    Currently, in Inventory (character or bank), Crafted items look identical to generic random loot drop items; my {Blindness Immunity/True Sight goggles with the Featherfall and Master's Gift augments} looks exactly the same as all those other pieces of trash goggles that're going to be...
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    Cosmetic in a single space...

    Exactly. I stopped grabbing many of them for exactly that reason. Hard work by the art department to no purpose. :confused:
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    What quests drop the highest ability tomes?

    Tomes are a VERY low % drop from quests, both from chests and from end-rewards. Beyond merely "rare". By FAR your best bet is to either a) grind up to 5000 (for +5) or 7500 Favor (for +8)*, and/or b) save up your DDO Points and buy a Universal Tome when they are On Sale. *...
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    The Ultimate Inquisitive Past Life Getter

    <cough still overkill cough> :cool: I can see the attraction of a personalized weapon for this, but both are killers at the level we're talking, and there are only Korthos and Borderlands for Level 3 (16 quick quests w/o Misery's). But if trying to run at top speed, one wants top DPS, and no...
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    The Ultimate Inquisitive Past Life Getter

    When considering a Rune Arm, remember that RA blast damage scales with Artificer Level - here, "1" (for the TR version) or "2" (effectively, for the RR version). So any diff in blast damage is not an important consideration much past Korthos/Borderlands/Harbor. You're choosing it for the extra...
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    Intelligence based and use heavy repeaters? Think about Harper tree strategic combat II enhancement :)

    Inquisitive. It's a slog without a Stat-to-Damage modier, but it can be done. Repeaters carry themselves at lower levels, then there are various boosts that can help (depending on the class mix). But tho' doable, it's def NOT a "recommended" practice. :cool: