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    Dragon Lord Ravager

    Assuming racial completionist I suggest 18 horc 38 DL 41 Ravager 3 whatever. This is the best high r questing build(since I assume you’re not pushing r raids since you are doing 2hf) I run mind over matter, 5 piece forbidden knowledge and 3 piece vecna with tooth necklace and medal trinket.
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    DPS test

    I posted about a different DPS test setup I did as I wasn't aware of this thread, although to me the most interesting piece would be the same gear + past life setup(roughly) trying out different builds to understand build differences, versus gear differences, player skill differences, reaper pt...
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    I've always been interested in the tradeoff in DPS between 2HF & TWF and I finally did some semi decent comparative DPS tests with a couple of different builds. I use the same STR gear set across all builds, using attuned bone weapons(falchion and handwraps below, with the same...
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    Dragon Lord and Rogue split

    14DL/4rogue/2 monk is what I did, with monk stances + rogue uncanny dodge.
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    Generalist Air Savant

    Nobody uses off elem lvl 5/6 spells, especially dot these days.
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    Fixer Upper- Togwik's Monk Build

    Why vorpal strikes? Most people say it sucks. Have you tested it out and found it effective?
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    Dragonlord - Master of Tactics

    Not sure if you have tried rav 41 at cap in r10s. You have enough dmg to kill helpless mobs quickly anyways and the 6 kills per 30 secs speeds up clears. Adrenaline + BM helps spike dmg onto reapers. On my current racial life’s with wood elf I don’t even have the horc helplessness and my trash...
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    WTB Ruby of Ghostbane

    I got one thanks!
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    WTB Ruby of Ghostbane

    Apparently I failed to pick one up despite getting the mount last yr. Can trade shards or tomes.
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    Generalist Air Savant

    Yes on a Druid I take shard storm but on sorc it feels like reborn in the fire was the only option I had for topping up hp.
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    Generalist Air Savant

    Surprised you're not running reborn in fire for self heals.
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    Dragon lord - staff version

    On Cannith there isn't always a group so my bar for builds is r6 solo w/o bothering w/ a healer hireling :) I want to be able to self carry a r6 in case nobody joins.
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    Help with catgirl dragonlord/wizard stick build for a humble past life farmer

    14 DL / 4 rogue / 2 monk stick build, 20->26 go fatesinger strike + PA cocoon/shard storm + Fury Boulder. 26+ GMoF strike for aoe packs + your choice of healing tree(PA/US/etc) + DPS strike tree if you have enough points. I easily solo'd r3 20-26, and at 26 I started doing r1-r3 legendary sagas...
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    Dragon lord - staff version

    Also lawful good for Sireth.(although it's easy to get enough umd to bypass) I haven't bothered w/ a bone staff because I don't stay too long at cap and I enjoy the wider crit band anyways.
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    Dragon lord - staff version

    I don't know what your DC's are in high R but I have a diff split because I found w/ a higher rogue build I couldn't reach the DC's necessary for high R's. My staff build is 14dragonlord/4rogue/2 monk. For feats I take precision, WWA and the tactical DC fighter line, and drop power attack...
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    Lhwines end game dps/backup tank build

    Specialty can only be taken when u don’t have any feats in that line. It’s supposed to save u 2 feats. Instead of taking THF/ITHF/GTHF you can take specialty and lose 20 percent strikethrough only. This frees up 3 feat slots for other things like epic toughness, etc. You also lose out on PTHF...
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    Mitheriana, transformed to Glory

    Are the imbues from kotc worth not just going horizon walker? Do you get anything else from paladin levels? That would also give u a bit more fort bypass, and with the current state of orchid blossom I was thinking this might be a good time to revisit this build. I also thought about a more DPS...
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    Rate My Build

    Dmg wise? For single target DPS/DPA it’s still great.
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    Rate My Build

    The main choice to consider is whether you can hit workable DCs for mass frog/cc spells for the r level you want to play at, and do that instead of DI ruin. Since you didn’t take past life wizard instead of transmutation I assume not, but if you go that route I would do epic conjuration...
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    Move x number of items from TR cache to inventory or character bank

    I created a mouse macro to do the drag/double click. Otherwise I would prob have quit TR’ibg as it’s so tedious. I’m at close to max items(bank + inventory) just due to raid items.