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  1. Tekdrake

    Let us get the Fez hats for pets

    You're asking way too much of them, they'd have to go in and rig a new cosmetic for all the plethora of companions available in the game and their team is way too small to have someone waste a week on doing that. Let's start out smaller. Let us buy MotU Wizard hats. I was someone who bought the...
  2. Tekdrake

    Reduce reliance on combat in quest design

    Fully agree. I am a content tourist solo player, I support DDO by cash cowing but never play the hardcore grouping side and I am utterly sick of seeing Temple of Elemental Evil's level design in every 2nd quest. Combat needs to be delegated to sections of the map. Give me 5 minutes of dialogue...
  3. Tekdrake

    Do EU servers not exist?

    To be honest what exacerbates my stress over it is the fact I'm moving to Hungary soon and this is one of my favorite games ever, but you were right, my friend did not notice any real lag.
  4. Tekdrake

    Do EU servers not exist?

    That's good at least, thanks!
  5. Tekdrake

    Do EU servers not exist?

    As a whale that has bought the highest expansion tiers ever since Menace and has had a VIP sub for almost a decade, that is extremely ridiculous news. Where is my money going if not for global access to DDO? Anyway, are any of the servers located on East Coast at least for my friend to connect to?
  6. Tekdrake

    Do EU servers not exist?

    I want to play the game with a friend who lives in the UK and wanted to play on an EU server for their convenience, but do I understand correctly that EU servers don't exist? What's the best server a British player could join for the least lag? We don't care about population, we will only play...