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  1. FaceDancer

    Mechanized warrior's coffer?

    Yeah... not impressed with the mount (and the cost). 😒👎
  2. FaceDancer

    Mechanized warrior's coffer?

    Eiiii!!! Mechanized mount?!?!!!!
  3. FaceDancer

    First time on Hardcore! Soooo many death announcements... The horror... The horror...

    First time on Hardcore! Soooo many death announcements... The horror... The horror...
  4. FaceDancer

    Anyone had luck with Trap the Soul on Items?

    Humanoid & unnatural bane items are relatively flexible. I like having them for lower level toons. I would think a dual augment evil outsider/metalline build could be useful too for a higher level builds. With that being said, I really need to farm out a good high level named repeater. I've...
  5. FaceDancer

    Anyone had luck with Trap the Soul on Items?

    The Necronimicannon does drop soul gems at least for me. The caveats is that you do need to give the killing shot.
  6. FaceDancer

    Store Sales: November 30th - December 7th

    I'm super happy you brought this back!
  7. FaceDancer

    Total cosmetic overload (I love it)

    Its like you are the center of your own little solar system!
  8. FaceDancer

    Downtime Notice: Thursday, November 30th 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT)

    Right?!? I had two ticket submissions on this within the last year (or so...) With that being said, I'm rather happy to hear this at least (bout time SSG!!!! Grrr...)
  9. FaceDancer

    Old Forums are inaccessable

    I think they're back up???
  10. FaceDancer

    I am really enjoying Saltmarsh

    Saltmarsh is a staple leveling area for pretty much all of my toons. I find that (for the most part), the missions are short enough to not kill my attention span (I really do not like long missions...)
  11. FaceDancer

    Old Forums are inaccessable

    No not just you. I posted to this thread as it might have something to do with other systems being down as well?
  12. FaceDancer Temporarily Unavailable

    It looks like the old forums are down as well. Is the part of the down time too?
  13. FaceDancer

    It is time to RETIRE reapers (the monster)

    Moar reapers!!!!
  14. FaceDancer

    Do Enchanted Horseshoes still drop

    I got one last week (I was shocked!!!!) This was on R1 Epic. Yep, they seem to be a very low drop rate item.
  15. FaceDancer

    Evil Alignments

    Probably not. I think it'd be fun to play evil characters though provided they had alternate mission options and plots. I think a little chaos could be a good thing. 👹
  16. FaceDancer

    Playable rogue

    My very first DDO character was a rogue. Getting close to finally doing a second life for them (not in a hurry). I've been super happy with their capabilities. There are plenty of things I could/would probably go back and change (I have changed a few) in hindsight, but it has been an awesome...
  17. FaceDancer

    How DUNGEONS & DRAGONS cast its spell from the BBC archives.

    From the Wayback Machine... ☺️ And an interview with Gary Gygax:
  18. FaceDancer

    Black Friday incoming?

    Hah! SSG is thoughtful that way! See! They do care! ☺️
  19. FaceDancer

    Black Friday incoming?

    It's a little short-sighted, but they don't seem to be sweating it right? Amazon and quite a few more are already doing Black Friday. Guess who's already making bank on sales? With that being said. I hope they do have some good sales, and I have squirreled some funds away if so. If not...
  20. FaceDancer

    Smaller, more affordable Support Packs Please?

    This is not quite in the same vein, but Pokemon Go offers player packs with consumables. I think it would be a good idea to offer something like that for DDO as well. A starter pack and then maybe some tiered options would be neat.