Ability Scores above 60


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Can someone give me a quick run-down to how to get my ability scores up over 60 or 70 without temporary boosts?

For example, how would a 2HF get a strength of around 80 without a ton of futzing around?


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Info pulled from @Dom 's build here https://forums.ddo.com/index.php?threads/doms-shadar-kai-chains-barbarian.4675/
16 Base
01 Racial PLs
02 Completionist
02 Racial Completionist
08 Level ups
08 Tome
01 Frenzied Berserker: Power Rage
02 Frenzied Berserker: Frenzy
06 Frenzied Berserker: Death Frenzy
01 Reaper’s Strength I
01 Reaper’s Strength II
01 Reaper’s Strength III
01 Reaper’s Strength IV
01 Reaper’s Strength V
08 Barbarian Rage
04 Fury of the Wild: Primal Scream
01 Fury of the Wild: Furious Force
14 Strength Augment
05 Insightful Item
03 Quality Item
03 Devil’s Infernal Dance
02 Profane
02 Exceptional augment
02 Festive augment
02 Yugo potion


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