Alchemist nuker destinies?


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I've been out for a while and I made an Alchemist ice nuker. It seems like Draconic is the obvious choice, but I know that sometimes hidden cooldowns and limitations or unwritten bonuses make an ability worse or better than it looks. Are there things I should make sure to look for when I spend my Epic AP?

I'm planning to do R4-ish legendary content and I have 71 to spend now that I'm at cap.


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Assuming you have the immunity strip from Bombardier, just go Draconic Epic Strike(plus it's upgrades) and capstones, Wellspring, Ruins/GRuin, Intensify and watch them explode.
Primal Avatar for extra dc/stats, mantle , Evergreen(needs the PA mantle) , optionally Evasion (if you dont want to go into Shadowdancer)
I usually pick up the Divine Energy Resistance from Unyieldening Sentinel for 3 points, but it's obviously less effective as you go higher skulls.
Your third option is Shadowdancer (DDoor/Evasion, Energy Drain Immunity, -10% spell cd) or Magus of the Eclipse (more spellpower, greater SP pool).