An Iconic Dwarf from Mror Holds?


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I'd love to see some of the Mror Holds region in the game and perhaps an Iconic Dwarf to go along with it. #Onatar is already present in the game and would be a very fitting faith for an Iconic Paladin or FvS. Dwarves with dragonmarks are members of House Kundarak.

The Duergar #dwarves in Ataraxia are a possible example of what combat would be like for an Iconic Dwarf.
Spell-Like Abilities may include:
  • Enlarge Person
  • Dispel Magic
  • Stone Skin
  • Flame Strike

A possible tie-in for introducing the class can be found in the "Lord of Stone" quest line. Oralassk and the other Daelkyr are old enemies of the Dwarves. Some notable related monsters are medusas, gargoyles, and basilisks.

Mror Holds is next door to the Talentia Plains, so not too far off from lands recently added to #DDO.

Anyone else interested? Got any ideas to add?


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I second this. Would love to see any kind of Dwarf iconic (Mror holds, Duergar, Gold Dwarf, Shield Dwarf). I think it’s a shame all the new races get one with no love for the original cast.

Maybe to go along with a much needed pass for the Vanguard tree.

The cool size increase ability of the in game Duergar is a must, possibly as a kind of racial rage that can be used with defensive stances. Would definitely want to keep TYWA though as that’s so quintessentially dwarven.


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I'm still sad and slightly bitter that Iconic Barbarian didn't go to Dwarven Battleragers (forgotten realms).
True. Shifters are so forgettable and not-iconic, i had to google what expansion brought them in. And even now, knowing they are from Feywild expansion, i fail to remember if there are any shifters NPC or monsters in the expansion. Or game in general.
Travesty for barbarians.
Despite owning them from the start, i have not finished any life with that race.


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While I am not a fan of Dwarves, I would like to see this for all my friends who do enjoy Dwarves.
(I am also a past life junkie, so another 3 would be great, even as dwarves)
So I’m a little bias since I love all things Dwarven, but I completely agree. There is a considerable gap in the game when it comes to Dwarven themed content. Having an iconic Dwarf class would be a great addition to the game and a Dwarf themed expansion pack (The Forge of Fury, Dwarves Deep come to mind) Maybe a new weapon Dwarven Urgrosh. Dwarves are a cornerstone DnD race and should be represented as such in the game.

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Duergar has been overdue for a while. Whether it's Mroranon or Underdark, the race would be welcome. However, there is the caveat that the remaining classes without an Iconic are Sorc, Warlock, Arti, Alch, and Druid.. doesn't seem to be any that would fit Duergar.

So rather than an Iconic, just have it as a sub-race, just like the Wood Elf.


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Maybe a Dwarven Archetype from Mror Holds would be easier to implement than adding a whole new iconic class.
I've long wanted to see a Deep Dwarf iconic along side the Deep Gnome.

Assuming they wouldn't want to iconics of the same class AND being a ftp class, we only have Sorcerer, Druid, and Warlock left. I could see a Duergar Warlock or Druid iconic being really cool. An Underdark patron specific to them, or a maybe even a purple worm druid or something.

If we do get a double up iconic class, I'd love to see barbarian, fighter, ranger, whatever.