An Iconic Dwarf from Mror Holds?


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If they do Dwarf Iconic you can bet they use charisma and dual wield scimitars using Dex bonuses. Tree will give +1 Int and they wont be proficient in Dwarven Axe o_O

Gyuma Bei

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Oh yeah, I was thinking they wouldn't need to add a new icon. I understand that was one of the reasons they decided to make the archetypes instead of new classes.
I figure they could do a "new" Dwarf sub-race to bring in the Duergar, just as they did with the Wood Elf. That would facilitate new Dwarf textures and looks that are more rough and muscular.


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I would just love a Dwarf that had a mechanical incentive to play it, iconic or not! I've been trying for SO LONG to figure out a build that would be the best with a Dwarf, but everything else seems to work better than Dwarf.

THF DPS? Orcs are better
TWF DPS? Humans are better
Casters? Everybody else is better (I mean, you get a small number of extra hitpoints, so I guess at low levels, there's some argument, but that's about it)
Ranged? No particular benefit for Dwarf
Divines? Dwarves can get D-Axes as favored weapons, but that still feels like a flavor choice.

My best idea that a Dwarf might be marginally better has been a melee SWF Artificer, but even still I'm not so sure if I'm not just grasping at straws. (Please correct me if you can think of a build that works *best* as a Dwarf.)

So (1) Yes, I think a Dwarven Iconic would be fantastic!
And (2) I would love if just the regular Dwarf was tweaked to make it better. (Great Axes as favored weapons as well as DAxes? That would certainly do it. Or a racial chance for a secondary shield bash maybe? If not those, maybe a racial Heavy Armor Proficiency?)


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The dwarven racial bonuses on weapons include all types of axes, picks, and hammers. They also get a bonus to Strikethrough Chance when wielding a D-Axe.

I think the main advantage of using Dwarves is their resistance to status effects, physical resistance, and high health when compared to other races. At max rank, you can get a damage bonus from your CON modifier.


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Undead battlerager dwarf from thunderholm (racial undead tree)
This would be cool. It could be a Wizard Archetype for a Necromancer.

Maybe preset to use the Zombie form? But, with better stats than the standard Pale Master enhancement tree.


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I'd use the mob skin if it were me designing the tree - undead skelly in the armours we have would look sweet.

Maybe a slight mix of barb FB & PM in the racial tree? NeB or Death aura to replace DM bubble?

Would need to have the grappling slam, and maybe a piercing guard scaling with PRR?

Might work better as an archetype though, main tree could used some of the old PM skelly summon mutations but with present day power level scaling: base, blackbone, frostmarrow, and could provide unique imbue or aura effects.