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I know its been asked for before but with all the permanent gold seal hirelings available from the expansions could we not get a simple, in game, system to make a custom hireling by making a copy of an alt?

e.g. We take our alt to one of the in game hireling vendors. We select a new dialog option “I’d like to sell my services”. We pay X amount of astral shards. We get a bound to account Gold seal Hireling Contract that is a copy of that alt. It has the same stats/equipment/cosmetics. The first 4 slots of hot-bar 1 are copied to the hireling hot-bar in positions 7-10 after the standard hireling commands (Customize orders copies slots 1-10 of hot-bar 1).

The Custom Hireling cant gain XP or levels, cant change inventory, etc. It is in every way the same as any other vendor purchased Gold seal Hireling. It can't be summoned if a character of same name in party (i.e. the toon that made the copy or another custom hireling copy of that toon), but it can be traded to other alts, via shared bank, and used by them. The contract expires 1 hour after activation just as other gold seal hirelings.

It seems like it could be a money maker for SSG. It makes people more likely to spend time building and equipping alts as well as spending more on astral shards.

I would much rather see this than another weird monster permanent gold seal hireling hireling with the next expansion.

P.S. While we’re at it could we also find a way to let us be able to drag and drop hireling abilities to our hot-bar or bind keys to activate them (currently bugged)?
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While I'd love to see this I think you have touched on the main problem, in that some of the basic functionality of hirelings still needs fixing first.


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No way in hell they'll be able to code that and have it work.

They have given up on follower AI. it's deprecated content.

The only thing they might possibly do is give followers blanket buffs, but we have been asking and been ignored for ever for that too.

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A couple years ago, Darth Severlin stated he would like to add followers that level with our characters to DDO. Perhaps someone could ask Miss Tolero about the idea during a future live stream.


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Not gold seal, I think. That'd be too powerful, to have a full party of alts you could pop out as-needed at any point. I think just regular hires, where you can only have one, and have to summon at the start.

While I'd love to see this I think you have touched on the main problem, in that some of the basic functionality of hirelings still needs fixing first.

Yes it does, but honestly, it shouldnt be too big an issue to simply snapshot the stats of an alt and apply them to a hireling. There only issues I see is overtuned hirelings, with full player base stats, plus some of the more generous recent minion scaling abilities. But even wouldnt have Reaper bonuses, and you can disable some of the bonus feats for HP etc. to help avoid too much creep.

Would they still have major AI issues? Of course, but I think its still a worthwhile idea that would add to the can address the AI later. I think it'd be cool to play and level up various support alts. It'd definitely make it more worthwhile to spend the effort on a healer alt if you could benefit from having a good healbot for solo.


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Adding to @droid327 snapshot idea...
Since SSG would like to see a revenue return for something like this, require an item to make the snapshot that has to be purchased from the store.
I would not mind paying for this so long as it is not crazy overpriced.