Are mobs stronger between 15-20?

Just had to ask this question cause its been bugging me for a bit. I noticed during this life on my range build that I went from being able to 2-3 hit mobs in a quest only 1-2 levels down to mobs having significantly higher hp in quests past around 15-20. Do mobs have significant hp buffs in many quests past 15 to 20? (Sharn for example). Because it feels awful.


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Newer quests tend to have newer more modern design power scaling on the mobs (Saltmarsh, Fey, Sharn, etc.). If one has a solid build with decent gear then these aren't bad. If one has a decent party, then these aren't bad. If one is soloing with meh gear/poor DCs/etc. then they'll typically feel way harder than older content.

And then some really old quests in the 18-19 level range tend just have old endgame HP levels where the mobs themselves aren't hard, they've just got bloated HP that takes longer to chip away at (typically lots of quest where when put on elite/reaper pushes the effective level to 20+).


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It really depends.
Some older quests (Inspired Quarter comes to mind) have very bloated HP totals.
Still, those older quests at least compensate by having mobs with very low AC and saves.

Sharn is part of the modern scaling, where mobs are just downright more dangerous. You can't get away from that. Comparing Sharn to, say, Gianthold or even the Missing chain will have mobs in Sharn entirely curbstomp legions of the older quests' mobs.
The more time goes on, the more quests get harder and harder for their level, so beware when you approach new(er) content as you've just finished older one, you might be in for a shock.


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Sharn feels harder to me because they have better saves . Wheloon can be hard because of assassins and their chains. House C quests have a lot of warforged with high saves, hp, and immunities.

Might just be the CR where stuff where enemies hit the next level of numbers, kind of like cannith crafting.


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Thats a bit frustrating. Have they ever thought about going back and tuning the hp down to reasonable levels and do we know why its like this?

It's like that because supports (casters) get high spell power scaling, high spell damage scaling, and AoE helpless with high helpless damage scaling by end of heroics, especially with epic destiny spells granted to heroic spell books combined with sentient weapons (bonecrusher). Here is a 17 druid/1 wiz showing cold half of Tsunami (prior ED spell), full spell hits for double this.
Against non-helpless mobs, the non-crit spell damage is 4.5k AoE. Against helpless mobs the non-crit spell damage is 9k AoE. With ~50% crit rate, the average helpless is around 13.5k AoE. This is elite. R1 adds some spell power, adds some reduction, and is a bit less.

I think it is intended for supports (casters) to be overpowered while leveling because otherwise there wouldn't be enough of them for end game activities, or at least it has just been like this for 15 years, and it is what the player base seems to want.
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On a first life, ihavenof'nclue build, first time (effectively) playing, I could solo r1 on a dark apostate with zero reaper points. (I didnt even know reaper points were a thing yet)

I learned a few things there.

1. Melee is great if you can sustain
2. Spells are great if you dont die
3. You can noob with zero reaper gear with a whack, weird class split can do r1 either solo (some content) or reliably as long as you take your time to learn from your mistakes and course correct
4. Weird synergies may exist in your build you were not aware of that work better than your existing playstyle/configuration of your character, because maybe "that's weird" caused you to discount it
5. Very little gear is absolute garbage, if you have nothing, and what is already out there without ultra twinking is pretty crazy
6. Is it possible to build a completely unusable character? I am not sure... possibly. I have had a build that required me to, well, throw away the build, start from scratch, and fix it in upper epics. I still got there, and still found those weird synergies

The mobs don't particularly have more hps that I can tell. Just sometimes more tricks in the bag that irritate me.

Also, I Hate Traps (tm).


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All modern quests are designed for players with a lot of past lives (and reaper points). All monster stats are greatly enhanced (fortification, HPs, saves, etc) so they present more of a challenge. This isn't completely the Devs fault, it is impossible to balance a game when the gulf in character power is so wide and no catch up mechanic has been provided for new people. Sharn only feels that much harder because people are usually moving to Sharn after Gianthold or Necro4 where the mobs are significantly weaker.

This isn't unique for L15-20. If you ever play Hardcore, you will notice that Saltmarsh level 3 quests are significantly harder than any other L3 quests.