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I search an idea of build for a Bard/rogue perhaps 12 bard stormsinger/8 rogue? 36 points . If you can help :)


15bard/3fighter/2rouge - I consider it as most "classic" melee bard splash: trapfinding, light armor, evasion, swashbuckling, buckler, greater stalwart defense
18bard/2rouge - more "bardish" than previous splash, but less feats and defense


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What kind of character are you looking to play? If you are simply looking for Bard with trap skills, you can splash Rogue and play whatever kind of Bard you'd like. I've done 18 Bard/2 Rogue a handful of times on hardcore and just played as a Spellsinger (you can definitely do Stormsinger) with trapping skills, it worked fine. On live servers, I would say it is not worth the split and you would be better off going pure Bard.


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Thanks , yes 18/2 split was my first idea. A stormsinger with trap skills. But Gurth83 your build is a new way. How you manage the leveling….First rogue but after?


I woudl say this build is old way (when inspire exellence required 15 levs of bard), but still valid and universal.
But it is not for StormSinger becase stormsinger dont have Swashbuckler tree.
Rouge at first is almost always mandatory becase of best starting skill points amount. Level order really depends on what u want to get asap. So I will write what I found usefull at level.
2 rouge levels: evasion
1 bard level: spellsinger cure light wounds sla (eg you can pick maximize at lev 1 and then empowers spell at lev 3 if you want have good heal early on)
2 bard levels: give acces to boast, it cost 8AP and you get 100 temp hp song for 2 mins and 4 to hit (3 inspired bravery, 1 the poetic edda), access to iced edge (cold imbue)
3 bard levels: swahsbucking (improved crit reange/threat), resonant arms (sonic imbue), dashing scoundrel ( 10% doublestrike, +6 dmg bug? usefull early on later change for buckler)
4 bard levels: level 2 spells (blur/invisibility rage/heroism swap them later - good hope is better than heroism and rage will not work when u got defence stance form fighter)
6 bard levels: core 2 (song of heroism, unhancy dodge)
7 bard levels: level 3 spells (displacement, good hope)
9 bard levels: greatness song (10s? auto-refreshable 20 temp hp, can't drown? ^^) sadly stormsinger lose this song
10 bard levels: level 4 spells (dimension door, freedom of movment)
12 bard levels: core 3 (warchanter core 3 make greatness song temp hp based on charisma and doubled on epic)
15 bard levels: heroics song (+4 dodge, ac, saves)
1 fighter level: feat
2 fighter levels: feat
3 fighter levels: stalwart defense, greater stalwart defense

othere noticable things to get asap are feats: i.swf, i.crit, g.swf, (spring attack or whirlwind attack)? those require mixing fighter when leveling at proper levels
to get spring attack and whirlwind attack asap u can go:
R(swf),B,B(dodge),R(evasion) or B(core2),F(mobility),F(spring attack, whirlwind attack)
to get i.crit asap (lev 11), g.swf (lev 15), i.swf (lev 9)
R(swf),B,B(?),B,R,B(?),B,B,B(i.swf),B,F(i.crit),B(?),B,B,F(g.swf, ?),F,B,B(?),B,B
to get i.swf asap (lev 8), i.crit(lev 12), g.swf(lev 15) :
to go more bard "way" for eg ddoor asap (lev 12 becase I still want evasion ealry on) and get g.swf at 15 lev u need mix at least 1 level of figher till or at 15 lev
R(swf),B,B(?),R,B,B(?),B,B,B(i.swf),B,B,B ddoor,fom(i.crit),B,B,F(g.swf, ?)

metamagic I like to have is quicken, eg quicken ddoor for escape, f1 to select sefl cast ddor, clikc on it to escape,
quicker, emp heal for epic heal - cocon, renewal, extended spell if want to use displacment early on (lev 7 last 42 sec) later can be swapped for emp heal for epic heals
maximize, empowerd, quicken if i go more caster

If you want to go stormsinnger trapper you can do 16 stormsinger 2 rouge 2 artifacter. I found it funny to play too.
What I will try next as medum armor/mithral heavy shield caster bard (eg stromsinger) will be 16 stormisinger 4 fighter or 16 stromsinger, 3 fighter, 1 arti/dh for trapfinding, becase I feel caster bard lacks of defenses.
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