Bark and the blade hard to find mobs this is ridiculous

As someone mentioned before, to have to spend this much time to try and track down 1 mob?!
I have lapped the map 3 times, and cannot find it. If not for having to do it as part of the chain/saga, I would not bother with this quest anymore. I have looked and have not found any indicators showing where these "mobs - 6" are on the map.
After spending an hour, time to give up. Will not bother with this quest again, until it is fixed.


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Yeah, backtracking for any reason in a quest is annoying. This particular problem was brought up on Lam during the preview by @rabidfox but nothing changed. The aggro/spawn range for mobs in this quest is too small. If you don't walk in the expected narrow area, you won't trigger mobs to spawn. And there's no visual indicator which areas you didn't walk close enough to (the mini-map fog of war is not helpful enough).


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I thought I saw red dots on the map to indicate where they were. They were showing up in areas I had not yet been to. Are there some mobs that do not show up this way or am I miss interpreting what the mini map was showing?


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Just business has similar issues. You have to clear out every enemy in every section, and sometimes red dots show up in weird places, sometimes none. Sometimes a bat is stuck underneath an overhang or something.