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Need help with some "duh" stuff, like how to chat, how to form parties, am only level 4 just started playing really, Am currently maining a half orc cleric with a focus on solos play, am having difficulty navigating a lot of things and there's no "tutorial"


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Hey there, welcome to DDO. I'm not great at general advice, but to answer your specific questions:

You can form parties in serveral ways: by opening the social panel (default hotkey O), and pressing the Create/Edit LFM button on the bottom left, by inviting another player directly into a party with you (typically by typing /invite <playername>, but there's a few other ways too), or by selecting the public group option on the dungeon difficulty selection box you get when you enter a dungeon and letting the game make an LFM for you.

You can chat by simply pressing enter and starting to type, but you'll probably want to do it in relevant chat channels such as party chat, or guild chat. You can change the default chat channel you're typing into in the chat interface, or you can prefix your message with a chat command to send a specific message (but not followup messages) to a specific channel, such as /p (party) or /g (guild).

Hope this helps, its kind of hard to determine your knowledge of MMOs in general from a forum post, and a lot of what I wrote isn't really DDO specific but, well, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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You should look for a guild that welcomes new players. They can help! Check out forum for your server or post there asking about a guild.

Go to social and then lfm to find groups. Click join if you are in lvl range. If you don’t know where it is tell them in group chat and that you are new.