Beware Orienites - Maggot circle in public area

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Titus Ovid

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... at the spawn point of the teleport to Market, the bridge from the centre of the market to the bank. It seems to be in the 1st instance and not the 2nd. It escaped from Legendary Chronoscope. So beware!

And if you are high level enough, be a mensch and raise some low lvl corpses around that area.

Thanks all.



you can drink a remove disease pot and it'll take care of it, but low levels may get smoked when they hit it. So some poor chap just walk on the bridge and drop like a sack of potatoes


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This is an issue we are working as quickly as possible to resolve. Please note that any discussion or text which might lead someone to engaging in griefing behavior will not be tolerated on our forums and will lead to an immediate removal of forum privileges.
Not open for further replies.