"Bleed the Weak" imbue STILL not scaling post u60 bug fix.

I've been testing "Bleed the Weak" imbue today. This central Dark Hunter ability is still not scaling with ranged power or melee power almost 5 months after release.
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Dark Hunter Imbue "Bleed the Weak" may be scaling with ranged power. If so its not scaling with doubleshot/strike or perhaps there is another issue post U60 bug fix. But regardless 'Bleed the Weak' is doing approximately 15%-50% of the other imbues I've tested which so far are 'thorn' 'sting of the ninja' 'light the candle' and 'venomed blades'. Something is definitely wrong.

Because of similar numbers of doubleshot and ranged power on my build, the testing outcome math may have initially been disguised. I initially thought it must be not scaling with melee power or ranged power, but upon further testing I see the problem may be with the scaling of double shot or other. I'm open to whatever is the problem - I just want a solution.

Devs, can we get some kind of feedback or comment here?
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