Bugs in "Turn the Page" (Preview 2)


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* This is from Preview 2. At the time I didn't know I was supposed to post this here. *

This quest was fun. Uncompletable, but fun. I found 3 bugs:

1. Zarnoth the Vigilant says to get 3 more Codex pages.

After I got 2 Codex pages, the quest progress window said "Collect Codex Pages: 2 left" when there was only one. (Is it counting the one that the librarian stole from Zarnoth?)

When I got all three pages, the window said "1 left". I was able to put them on the field generator and activate it, and I think I should have seen "Finish" button. But I still saw "1 left" and "Recall", even after I opened the end chest.

2. In Kalphan Riak's room, the ramps to the upper balcony are intangible.

3. Later, I went back to talk to Zarnoth again. Now his dialogue sounds like it from another quest. Something about "The Codex is in the cargo bay of the ship"