Can You Please Make these Lamania Previews longer they Are WAY too SHORT! Only people with absolutely nothing to do got any time to test stuff out.


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I would support more time for feedback and reflection on the intended changes but not for try hards to do more free testing to make sure the intended changes are working as intended as clearly described in the various official thread OPs.


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Additional thought: It's one thing to be able to trundle around on the forums from you phone in the middle of the work day, and quite another to be able to get on a computer w/Lam installed and be playing around there while not getting caught at work :LOL:


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My main issue with the short durations of testing times are all the bugs that make it into the game and some never get fixed or are forever put on a back burner till it becomes obvious in something new they do then they decide to fix stuff. Just makes more sense too , especially if they don't have at least 20-60 dedicated play testers in house that are testing stuff beyond what the public gets to test then that be a different story....... like the Vistani Knife Fighting Style/Whirlwind attacks bug with both the feat Whirlwind and all the Whirlwind type attacks out of Sacred Fist as Well. I have to swap to a single weapon or a main hand/offhand weapon that ain't a dagger for the Whirlwind attacks to work right. Not very ideal in combat......


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Longer previews would immensely help the devs, because:
Short previews = Very few people actually testing = A lot of clueless wannabe theorycrafters complaining in the forums without actually testing anything = Tonquin having to read a lot of useless stuff instead of focusing on actual feedback
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To be fair, there's only a small contingency of people who actually get on Lamannia to do testing. The overwhelming majority of Lamannia feedback is from armchair quarterbacks.

There are so many changes they are simply not willing to budge on that I honestly felt like I was wasting my time getting on the "preview" server and giving feed back.


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We're mainly concerned with having longer preview times to find's thier game and so far I think they done great other then not letting us have enough time to find unexpected bugs or not so obvious in the short time current model of Lamania but at least it seems to be live during downtimes when it is that note worthy........ seems Tuesday sometime in the morning EST till like 9am EST on Thursday morning is when they have the Lamania's is when it goes down..or is up rather lol


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I'd be far more inclined to help with this if the preview period was longer and I thought our feedback was going to be taken into account. And the fact that so many reported bugs make it through the testing phase every time just makes it worse.

Years of watching this happen makes me think lying face down in a puddle of piss on my bathroom floor would be time more productively and enjoyably spent.


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lamannia use to be open for Months on end, but up until 2015 or so it stopped being that way for some stupid reason, but i agree longer preview schedules do help in finding bugs rather than using LIVE as a Lamannia Server and So what would be the POINT of Lamannia if we're just using LIVE Servers Anyway? Whats the Point?