Cannith Crafting no longer pulls collectables from Crafting Storage?

Worked perfectly a few weeks ago when I last crafted an item, now I have to have everything in my inventory, which is a huge PITA. Anyone else encounter this?


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Afaik it will not pull from storage if you have matching components in inventory or bag
This is one possible problem.

Lag is another.

Crafting after swapping characters is a third.

In general pulling from shared crafting storage is buggy as hell, I never trust it.


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Sometimes it just doesn't work. The times I've identified a cause, it's always been due to having some parts in inventory and others in bank; ie. when I put all ingredients in bank or take them out it the crafting works. However, just mixing things up between bank and inventory won't always break it.

IMHO, there are likely some serious fundamental bugs in how bank+inventory are handled for crafting -- buggy enough that there are likely ugly exploits in all crafting due to them.