Cannot get past Loading credentials to Log in

Launcher is hanging this morning @ Loading subscription/credentials stage. A script error comes up saying contact Tech Support. I know my subscription is good as it just renewed Thursday. I was just playing last night. Anyone else having these issues??


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From ddo discord:
some people theorize that the reason why this is happening is because of a database corruption. though considering the actual game worlds still function as intended, then it's far more likely that the problem is within the authentication server/database, which isn't what actually holds the characters. so yeah, don't think any rollbacks will be necessary


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Sent in a ticket this morning:

Dear SSG support team,

I am trying to log into DDO and have encountered a problem that means I can no longer enter the game. I enter my login details and select the game world I wish to log in to (Orien) and the splash screen shows normally. It then goes to the second splash screen with the loading bar and it crashes after about 20 seconds to desktop with an error message (screenshot attached) that says: "General Error accessing your account information. Try again later, and contact tech support if the problem persists.". I have no idea why this might have happened or what it means, so any support here would be fantastic. I am running the game on an M1 Mac through CrossOver, but this does not seem relevant to the issue at all.

All the best

Their response just now:


I am sorry that you have experienced this issue, but I would like to assure you that Standing Stone Games is aware of the matter and is working to resolve it for all players as quickly as possible. When we have more information or a fix available, we will make announcements on the forums and the game launcher. You may visit the forums by clicking on the link below.

You can also find timely updates and announcements on our official Twitter pages @DDOUnlimited.

We believe that the fix should resolve all of the related issues with your account without the need for you to contact us again. If it does not, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, please respond to this email and I will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,
Customer Support
Standing Stone Games

Looks like it's quite a few people affected. I sent this at 0045am PDT (I'm in the UK) and got a response back just now at 0640 PDT


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Good to know that it isn't just me. I have been trying as many things as I can on my side and just not coming up with anything to resolve it.


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Grausherra on Discord posted this and it helped me out...sometimes the logos in the folder gets corrupted (Dungeons and Dragons Online\raw\en\logo). I just deleted them all and it lets me play again. Hope this helps someone at least...


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I've had a similar problem since Wednesday. The log in server hangs at 88% iterations. I've download the game twice and installed in different locations to no avail. If I do a repair I can log in once and play, but not afterwards.