Can't decide ranger/dark hunter/fighter


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I've played the game a few times here and there but was always tied to other MMOs so never fully delved into DDO. Im torn between these classes for a first play through though. I like ranger tempest trapmonkey build but never got past level 10 or so years ago but now dark hunter is out but not sure whats better between those 2? I like half orc fighter because bonking monsters with a big weapon is always fun and half orcs are rare but I often play them in DnD games. But fighters lack utility and will level slower due to no way to deal with traps.

If I do decide ranger it must be aasimar or half elf twf tempest either trapmonkey or dark hunter. Fighter gotta be thf half orc kensei. I do have 32 point build unlocked but nothing else. I don't want to play both simultaneously because honestly grinding dungeons is already part of the game, so focusing on 1 then playing it over again wont be much of an issue.


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For your situation I would recommend THF Fighter. I think you will find it to be the opposite of what you describe. Because of strikethrough they get decent AoE dmg which could make you level enjoyment better early and with their new ability Second Wind they have plenty of survivability. They might not be able to clear traps, but get a lot of early bonuses to PRR and MRR which makes it easier to survive them.

Edit: You can also look into barbarian for THF half orc, they get the ability Blood Tribute from the Frenzied Berserker tree for up to 150 temporary HP. They get bonuses to saves vs traps and great self healing while leveling from Blood Strength in tier 5 Ravager from level 12 on. Also great AoE clear with strikethrough, have better movement speed than fighters and access to sprint boost.
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Since you haven't played a character beyond level 10, I'd recommend not multi-classing. THF fighters (or barbarians) are fairly easy to get into. Dark Hunters get a semi-useful wolf for heroic leveling.