Can't find logon server


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I have been unable to log on to DDO for two weeks on my Win 11 home computer (it tries 20 times to find the logon server- this takes 0.1 second otherwise) but can do so on my a Win 10 home computer. I am an expert level user and used to be a high paid computer/telecom consultant. Everything is up to date on all my computers, no virus etc.

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The standard actions would be:
- check your firewall logs and settings
- try to login to a different server
- your UserPreference.ini might be corrupted. Try to delete the "last played" part. For more information have a look here.
- clear your DNS
- reset your router

Good luck.


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We have to do that every update.
Once you know the issue, only takes a second or 2 to fix it.


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I'm getting this issue. I've done all these steps but can't seem to log on still.

I hotspot from my phone and I can log in. Is this an issue with my router then (even though it's been reset).