Change cooldown on assassinate to...


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6 seconds plus 0.5 seconds per skull.

A long cooldown for assassinate in the time of zerging makes little sense.

Devs already said that they wouldn't make specific balance changes just for Reaper.
This should be especially true of any class-specific change.

However, given that Assassins only have access to one instakill, that it's a T5 enhancement, (mostly) single target and that the prime single target instakill's cooldown is between 6 and 8 seconds on classes that have access to multiple, I agree 12 is a BIT much.

I could see this as an easy corrupt-a-wish though, where all instakill spells and abilities get an increased cooldown depending on difficulty, *without* reducing the current one prior.


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they will never do it

It would be interesting if there were feats or enhancements, or even gear that enabled this. For example, what if full stacks of MtF enabled a 10% cooldown reduction, or each failed assassinate increased the DCs and facilitated the cooldown (the former like QP)?

The key thing is that assassinate keeps you hidden unlike other instakills. I don’t mind if I am in a group and others are popping heads constantly before I get to them.

As long as my toon is alive and looting at the end, all good…


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Kills on worthy enemies reduce cool-downs of your assassinate by 1 second, this could be an enhancement or feat.