Changing the currecy on DDO Market


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Hi folks.
Im from Brazil, where my currency is REAL (BRL). I dont have problem purchasing DDO Points because of the Steam interface.

However i cant use the DDO Market on the site because it insist in using REAL (BRL) instead of DOLLAR (USD).
Bank in Brazil as standard doesnt accept international purchases using REAL (BRL) directly.

Since the DDO Market try to bill me in REAL (BRL), my purchases are rejected by the credit card company, using the card directly or via pay pal.

Tried to use VPN, tried to change my zipcode in the account to a US code but the store insist in bill me in REAL (BRL) so my purchases are always rejected.

How i can change so it be in DOLLAR (USD)?



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I'm in the States and sub purchases in the DDO Store are showing in EUR for me. I've always purchased through Steam, so I don't know what DDO pancaked-up but yeah, no purchases for me until they fix this. I'll not be holding my breath.