Chronoscope raid lock & a bugged dialogue window

The Blonde

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There's multiple issues with a certain dialogue window in Chronoscope:

1) When talking to Veheer in Heroic/Epic Chronoscope in order to unlock the Steam Tunnels, there's 2 dialogue windows in sequence. The 2nd dialogue window contains the text "Locks the raid". The Heroic & Epic versions of the raid are not supposed to lock (and they don't), and as such the "Locks the raid" text shouldn't appear there. If they *are* supposed to lock, then ignore this point (but then you need to actually make them lock).

2) In Legendary Chronoscope (in all versions actually, but this is the only one where it matters after you consider the above point), when you get to the aforementioned 2nd dialogue window (with the "Locks the raid" text), you are *forced* to lock the raid, as there is no dialogue option to not lock the raid yet (and pressing escape locks the raid too). There should be a dialogue option that lets you exit the conversation without advancing the objective (and thus not locking the raid). I haven't actually confirmed that Legendary Chronoscope locks as intended, so you may wanna doublecheck that too.

3) Additionally, in all versions of Chronoscope, after you've clicked "Lock the raid", Veheer continues to display that same "Locks the raid" dialogue window if you talk to him again. This can be confusing (cause it looks like the NPC is telling you the raid will lock, but the raid is already locked - at least in theory), especially if multiple people talk to him. As such, I suggest you change his dialogue for the timeframe a) after someone clicks "Lock the raid" but b) before you return to him to finish the raid. You can create an identical dialogue window as the one with the "Locks the raid" text, but without the "Locks the raid" text (so that he still directs you to the Steam Tunnels and offers aid).