Complete Reinstall


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Is anyone else having problems with the last few updates? With each of them (10/4 and 10/11) I have had to do a complete uninstall and install to get them to work. When I tried just running without doing this the game would crash while loading. This is from the end of the log file after the 10/11 update. Note that I have altered whatever was encrypted in the -a option.

2023.10.11 12:57:05[W] GameClientStarter::OnLoginAccountSSLError - Ignoring SSL errors!

2023.10.11 12:57:05[W] GameClientStarter::StartClient_LaunchClient - Starting client: --->
2023.10.11 12:57:05[W] " "C:/Program Files (x86)/StandingStoneGames/Dungeons & Dragons Online/x64/dndclient64.exe" -a QJ2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX9RTW3 -h --glsticketdirect XXX --chatserver --rodat on --language English --gametype DDO --authserverurl --glsticketlifetime 21600"