Concept Build Idea: Halloween Witch


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I have had this idea to play as a traditional witch from folklore for a while, and I'm looking for help making this work. Right now it's simply a concept and I can tell it's going to need much more knowledgeable folks than I to become a viable and playable build.

What I have decided on so far:
Class: Alchemist
Race: Human
Prime Requisite: INT
Level 1 Spells: (All based on Witch folklore, not based on usefulness)
- Curative Admixture: Cure Light Wounds
- Elemental Skin
- Feathers Extract
- Fine Dust
-Lesser Evolution
- Vial of Flame

I still need to figure out what Skill Points are best for this type of flavor build (what will enhance my "Witchyness," for lack of a better word).

And of course I need advice on making this useful without giving up the core concept.

If anyone could help me build this, or just offer some suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.
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Yeah, this is no easy build at all. And one I will probably go through several iterations of before finally getting it right, but I really want to try.

Thank for the links! Gonna go take a look at everything right now.