Crashing after patch


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After last patch, when I change decks on the airship, I fairly often crash. As in, half the time or more*. It doesn't seem to matter which deck I choose. Also, I've tried two different characters, happens on both.
The crashes do not give any error message, the game just closes. I can restart the client immediately, so no further issues beyong the crash.

I played two short quests before writing this, no crashes there.

I am using the 64bit client.

This never happened to me before the last patch.

*: Seems to happen the second time I try to move decks.


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I can confirm that latest patch 59.2 introduced even random blue screen on 64 bit client on Windows 10.
Yesterday my party friend had blue screen during quest "Frame Work".
Today I had blue screen during checking Auction House in Marketplace.
We have completely different modern computers and internet connection (very stable and fast).
We never had blue screen in last few years.
It started since yesterday with latest patch.